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Sound Rack
December 1, 1967
The Andy Hi-Lite
Andalusia, Alabama

Four years ago, when Chief Petty Officer Bud Cowsill retired from a 20-year stint in the navy, he decided that his rocking sons were ready for more than charity shows and family concerts. He teamed the boys up with their per “mini-mom,” Barbara, took on the other two Cowsill sons as road managers and sound engineers, and adopted the four-year-old sister into the professional music world.

Nothing clicked with the Cowsills, and their "Munster mansion" home turned into Bleak House. Once money was so tight that they burned furniture for a fire.

Before they were picked up by an MGM agent, the Cowsills were over $100,000 in debt because of transportation, publicity, and instruments. Now the Cowsills' first single, "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things," is in the Top Ten and is being backed by a $250,000 promotion campaign.

The determined Cowsills are fresh and attractive, and their close-harmonied, sprightly performances convey a great deal of charm. However, for the Cowsills to become a top group they will have to heed the advice of one of the songs they sing: "Knock on Wood."

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