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These shows resonate with powerful emotions
November 9, 1993
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Blue Shadows, from left, Hatcher, Cowsill, Elmar Spanier, J.B. Johnson: sweet, sharp country.

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I caught up with The Blue Shadows at the Esquimalt Inn later Friday night. They had opened for Barney Bentall at Harpoís and then hustled over to this cityís country and western barn to play for the faithful. The Innís Friday night crowd danced up a storm to the Blue Shadowsí honky-tonk Everly Brothers-inspired harmonies.

If the deeply scarred lines in frontman Billy Cowsillís face map the long, late-night trip of his career up to here, the baby face of his singing partner, Jeffrey Hatcher, belies a similarly jagged career path through the rock and roll demi-monde. Together, Cowsill and Hatcher concoct some of the sweetest, sharpest country music Iíve heard in a long, long time . . . so good I went back Saturday night/Sunday morning to hear a little more.

If you havenít got a copy of their On The Floor Of Heaven, check it out. Live versions of The Fool Is The Last To Know, The Embers, Deliver Me and On The Floor Of Heaven were breathtakingly beautiful A real discovery.

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