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November 24, 1994
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Friday at Harpo’s, The Blue Shadows return to town. One of the sweetet singing bands in Canadian music, the Blue Shadows have a rootsy, weathered charm and lots of rock-and-roll grit. When I phoned co-leader Jeffrey Hatcher at his home in Vancouver this week, the rock veteran told me that the band was nearly finished recording their follow-up to last year’s On The Floor Of Heaven.

“We’re looking for a couple of more songs to wrap it up,” Hatcher said. Billy Cowsills and I are getting together to write again today and see what comes out. The music this time around is a little less country. There are more duets, and it’s a little rockier, a little poppier.”

Asked to list his favorite songwriters, Hatcher sighs, “Oh, dozens of writers . . . Harlan Howard, Joni Mitchell, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams, Carol King . . . lots of others.”

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