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Going To The Top
July 31, 1970
The Daily Item
Sunbury, Pennsylvania

MGM Record Co. prez Mike curb is determined to do for the Osmond Brothers what that label did for the Cowsills, boost them into topselling record popularity.

. . .

Now they’ve got that chance. And without having to compete with the Cowsills for MGM recognition.

The Cowsills, Curb told me, are leaving that label.

“I had to make a choice between Bill Cowsill and the rest of his family,” explained the 25-yer-old recording business whiz kid.

Mike said the Cowsills still haven’t healed the family breach that erupted late last year during a battle royal that had Bill and some of his brothers close to punches in the wings of the Las Vegas nightery where they were appearing.

“I would be happy if the Cowsills would stay with us,” said Mike, “but I’m sure they won’t, not with Bill now under contract to MGM as a single performer.

That should give a pretty good clue as to how complete the estrangement remains.

Actually, Mike doesn’t seem all that broken up by the Cowsills’ departure. “I think they’ve pretty much ridden the crest of their popularity. Personally, I’m delighted we have the Osmonds. They’ve got lasting power.”

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