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Teen Scene
March 3, 1966
The Newport Daily News
Newport, Rhode Island

This week Teen Scene tried somethig new in place of Lad and Lass of the week. This week we are doing two different families, The Cowsills of Middletown and the Hawkins family of Newport.

COWSILLS - These boys need no introduction at all. They are the Cowsill brothers, Bill and Bob. Both attend Middletown High School. Both Bill, a senior, and Bob, a junior, plan to attend college after graduation besides continuing their fabulous musical career.

Many of the favorites of this talented duo include "Catcher in the Rye," Barbara Streisand, Bill Crosby and French fries. In addition to Miss Streisand, Bill Cosby and French mother is tops in the femail vocalist gategory. Bob rates "19th Nervous Breakdown" by the Rolling Stones and teh movie, "Help," at the top of his list of preferences, while his brother is partial to "Michelle" by the Beatles and the movie "Ben-Hur."

When asked about pet-peeves neither was serious Bill said his manager "Biggy" and Bob replied "his sister".

Both boys like the same qualities a good date should have. Good looks, quiet, long hair, and a good personality seemed to be the mos important qualities.

As you can imagine, these two Middletowners along with their active singing family have little spare time on their hands. Bob is interested in painting and Bill in music. Bill also added that writing his journal is another favorite past time.

If you are ever looking for these tow lads, Bob could most probably be found at the high school. But Bill may create a problem. Anywhere from little R. I. to the Empire State woud be as sure a be as any!

Both do well in school. Algebra is Bob's favorite subject and Bill's is English (he plans to become an English teacher). At present the boys (along with Barry and John) are recording for Mercury on the Phillips label.

Teen Scene wishes the Cowsills all the luck in the world.

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