Newspaper Articles

November 4, 1969
The Gateway
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Cowsills were a box-office bomb Friday night. They played to a disappointing crowd of around 1,000, only about one third the capacity of the Varsity Gym. More publicity was given to this event than any other event on this campus so far this year. It cost $6,000 to bring the Cowsills in and at that it was a bargain because of a previous engagement which fell through. Clint Diener, chairman of the Special Events Committee, commented on the difficulty of choosing a group that will appeal to a university audience. The attendance of the Cowsills was not helped by Jeckyll's Jack-o-Lantern, a residence dance on the same night with the Gainsborough Gallery playing. With a choice between a dance and a concert, many people chose to dance. Mr. Diener feels that residence activities should be co-ordinated through the office of the student co-ordinator, something which is not done now. This might help to prevent other clashed of events such as occurred Friday night he said.

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