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The Crowd Turns Out To Hear The Cowsills
January 14, 1968
Daily News
Greensboro, North Carolina

Rain, parking and other things worked against the Cowsills, but the tremendous drawing power of their RAIN, THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS, outdid the worst weather of this winter and pulled a large throng into New York’s Town Hall for the first appearance of the family group.

Few, if any, were disappointed by the performances, which coupled the appeal of a No. 1 record with pure showmanship, fine entertainment and a grand helping of solid music. The epitome of an All-American sister and mother on stage and more behind the scenes, the Cowsills were more than cute, they were terrific.

A few original numbers and some recent hits made up an over-all revue of the publicized act for the first segment of the evening; and the second half featured the talents of Boll, Bob, John and Barry Cowsill, in a medley of “institutions” by the Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Herman’s Hermits as well as a few round out sets to close the bill,

ACT 1 WAS the family hour, with the spotlight shifting from one youngster to another in a bevy of cute renditions that offered a picture of the individual talents behind the Cowsills.

Mother Barbara’s TIME, Barry’s MR. POSTMAN and a Hammy RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY with brother John were all but eclipsed in the glow of the youngest member of the team, Susan. The pixie figure demonstrated a showmanship usually found only in performers with more stage experience than she has years (7, to be exact). Strolling, prancing, swaying and boogaloo-ing across the apron of the stage, she showed no fear or nervousness in delivering HELLO, HELLO and SSWEET TALKIN’ GUY for a chilled crowd which thawed before her, and melted under the warmth of her style.

Aside from the introductory section, the combo excelled on sets featuring YOU WERE ON MY MIND, ON THE OTHER SIDE, and a few other sounds that were generally of an early ‘60s, plus-amplifier genre. They had success in New York, and they’ll have double that success with their newest release, I CAN FLY. Watch it soon!

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