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The Cowsills Race Up The Popularity Charts
October 15, 1967
Daily News
Greensboro, North Carolina

I predicted it three weeks ago – and this week the newie by the newest recording group for MGM Records hit the WCOG Top Ten. I speak of my prediction about the Cowsills record THE RAIN, THE PARK, AND OTHER THINGS.

It was just about three weeks ago that John Angel and I were invited to Charlotte by the MGM record folks to hear what the company called “the hottest new group to hit the air.”

Well, sure enough, the Cowsills won my attention and their record has won many fans and record sales in Greensboro area. This week, the Cowsills disc has hit the No. 8 position on our charts and it sure looks as if they might make the No. 1 slot in the next couple of weeks.

The group is led by their mother and all members are brothers. Their new album is about to be released if it hasn’t already been shipped as of this writing. They will contain their hit plus many great songs that will be in the same vein. Just to take my prediction further, I predict that the Cowsills will be one of the major recording group in the United States this year.

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