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Speak Up Source To Mouth
January 8, 1968
The Herald-News
Passic, New Jersey

From an East Rutherford teen-ager:

What are the names and ages of the members of the Cowsill family? What instruments does each play in the group? Is the family’s father alive?

A. The Cowsills singing group consists of four boys, their younger sister and their mother. The boys are John, 11, who is the percussion; Barry, 13, on the bass; Bob, 18, on the organ; and Bill, 19, on the guitar. Sister Susie is 8, pinch-hits on the bass guitar and sings. Mother Barbara sings harmony. There are two more brothers who participate in their perlights, and Paul, 15, who acts as stage manager. Their father, Bud, is very much alive, and pitches I on publicity and promotion.

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