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Come Where The Youths Are With It: In Films, in Music, TV and Fashions
December 29, 1967
The Herald-News
Passaic, New Jersey

Listening to the singing group, the Cowsills, rehearse is a fascinating part of following the happenings of the teen scene. Mrs. Cowsill, her four sons and little daughter, started just for larks with a club in Newport, R.I., now are tearing around the country, knocking their audiences in the aisles.

. . .

The Cowsills

Across town to track down the Cowsills, that lively, Newport-based show featuring Mother, four sons and a little daughter.

The Cowsills are rehearsing in a dingy hall in a poor New York neighborhood, and they’re easy to find by the sound.

Others have been attracted by the loud beat. A Catholic priest comes in to listen. By request, the din dies down and Mrs. Cowsill sings a quiet song, almost like a spiritual. But this can’t last. The group is too irrepressible. Electric guitars are plugged in, the little girl wildly waves her tambourine and they’re on again, playing themselves.

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