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Like The Beatles Were There
April 17, 1968
The Journal-News
Nyack, New York


After the storm at Korvette's


Teenagers get autographs from Cowsills

“It was like the Beatles were there,” according to Richard Suydam, a student at Nyack Junior High School, who was an eyewitness yesterday afternoon when an estimated 200 teenagers stormed the record department at Korvette City in Nanuet to hear the “Cowsills,” a family singing group.

Store security guards were forced to summon Clarkstown Police when the teenagers milled about the cashier’s desk where the “Cowsills,” who include the mother, four sons and a daughter, were signing autographs and handing out pictures.

“The teenagers became so enthusiastic they broke records and tore up books,” said Suydam, “but it didn’t appear that they came with the intention of being destructive, they were just bubbling over and letting off steam.”

Young Suydam, who accompanied a cousin who was representing “Date Book,” a teenage magazine, said that “the store and police gave us first class treatment.”

He said one girl told him she had been waiting for four hours to see and hear the singing group. However, the “Cowsills” signed autographs and handed out pictures of the group but did not sing.

The youthful crowd was on hand for about two hours and milled in and out of the store three or four times before dispersing.

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