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King's Get Sub Combo Bout With Mumps Muffles 'Rascals'
March 28, 1968
Times Leader
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

It was only logical if a combo by the name of “The Young Rascals” was to cancel a concert it would be because of the mumps.

. . .

“It’s costing “The Young Rascals” $21,000 in personal appearances this week because guitarist Gene Cornish got the mumps,” Zann told member of the committee.

He made some fast moves and got the Cowsills to agree to fill the local concert slot for the same fee. So, the King’s juniors probably will make out with a much better attraction that their original bill of fare.

Last night, thousands of Wyoming Valley residents enjoyed the Cowsills on the televised Kraft Music Hall with singer Eddie Arnold.

A family group they have risen to fame following their recordings of the lilting “We Can Fly” and “Rain In the Park.”

. . .

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