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Cowsills Earn 3 Encores
Concert Draws Large Audience
April 1, 1968
Times Leader
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Called back for three encores, the fast climbing Cowsills presented a highly entertaining concert under sponsorship of King’s College junior class before a large audience Saturday night in the 109th Armory.

The family singing group from Rhode Island was a late substitution for The Young Rascals, knocked out of the local engagement by a case of the mumps to guitarist Gen Cornish.

Prior to the concert a reception was held by the committee for the singers at the armory. Seven members make up the troupe, including the mother, Barbara, Barry, Bob, Billy, John, Paul and Sue.

The mother said she likes to travel with the children on the concert tours and the husband makes the trips in the role of business manager.

King’s juniors presented each of the youngsters a King’s sweat-shirt and gave 8-year-old Sue a red nightie from the college bookstore, which she wore on stage.

On the future agenda of the Cowsills will be a 10-day tour of California, two more Music Hall appearances, possible television show, movie in the fall, and an appearance at the University of Scranton later this month.

Parents told of having played at the Allentown Fair several years ago before they clicked in the big time. Their first big recording was “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things.”

Cowsill boys gave a 20-minute show and were followed by young Sue with songs, including “Hello, Hello” and “To Sir With Love.”

The mother joined the children for their rendition of “We Can Fly,” which has skyrocketed them to big things in the entertainment world. This merited a standing ovation.

When they sang “Reach Out, I’ll Be There,” little Sue acted out the part by reaching to the audience. In addition to singing the Cowsills played music with John on drums; Bill, lead guitar; Bob, organ; Barry; bass guitar; and Sue, tambourine.

Helping the Cowsills on their rapid claim to fame have been personal appearance on the “Mike Douglas, Ed Sullivan, Clay Cole, and Kraft Music Hall” shows.

Some tickets were refunded before the concert because of the non-appearance of the mumps ridden Rascals.

Michael Bowler was general chairman.

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