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Rowan and Martin, Cowsills Pack 'Em In at Grandstand
August 5, 1968
the Morning Call
Allentown, Pennsylvania


Jay Sands is surrounded by The Cowsills

The combination of comedians Rowan & Martin and the Cowsills family combo proved a sure-fire draw last night at the Great Allentown Fair as total attendance for the two grandstand shows, almost doubled Saturday night’s figure.

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Please All Ages

One could not say with any accuracy the Cowsills were “for the young crowd.” This family of seven performers showers the audience with such melodic music, and plays with such soul and energy, that their appeal spans all ages groups.

A group of teen-agers standing behind me nearly exploded with excitement as Momma Barbara, little Susan, and the five boys climbed the stage for their 25-minute segment of folk and mod-rock numbers. Momma was wearing pale blue pajamas, Susan a striped green and yellow dress and the lads, yellow Nehru jackets.

The Cowsill boys, one of whom is married to an Allentown girl, gave credit to Allentown radio personality Jay Sands for helping them to catch on in the entertainment field four years ago. There were only five in the combo when Sands who had liked their early records, arranged for them to appear at the teen dances he emceed at the Naval Reserve Training Center.

“He gave us a hand when hardly anyone knew what a Cowsill was,” Bill told the throng. Sands, of course, was beaming backstage.

Tearing into hit recordings such as “Indian lake,” “Rain in the Park and Other Things,” and “Great Sunny Day,” the Cowsills more than proved they are not just another strum-and-shout group. Individually, they have excellent voices and together they produce exceptional harmony.

During most rock numbers, little Susan displays amazing ability in doing the latest dances. As soon as she’s of age, she’ll be a top go-go dancer.

Some young fans have a tendency to label the Cowsills as “folk square,” but the description just doesn’t fit. “I’ll Be There,” is a number that exemplifies their frentic, thumbing style when it fits the occasion.

For some reason, it is largely believed the Cowsills children have no living father. But he was quite alive last night, bustily working on production detains behind the scenes.

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