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Orchestra pleases, Cowsills wow 'em
June 25, 1969
The Minneapolis Star
Minneapolis, Minnesota

It isn't fair. Not fair to run a double bill of the Minnesota Orchestra and the Cowsills. Not on a Summer Pops program in the acoustical barn which is the Minneapolis Auditorium with an audience of perhaps 7,000, half of them youngsters.

The orchestra pleased the crowd, all right, but the Cowsills wowed 'em and it would have been the same had the greatest symphonic group in the world been paired with such a bouncy, folksy, rocking, stagewise family of pop talent, blessed also with a battery of amplifiers.

The Cowsill - mother, four sons and a daughter, the young set ranging in age from 10 to 19 - are great show biz, personally appealing, energetic, capable with a variety of material built around a rock beat but even more so when that material has folk or country dimensions.

Predictably, the group scored best with its well known version of "Indian Lake" and its excellent do of "Hair," from the rock musical. Perhaps less anticipated was the way in which 10-year-old Susan belted out a couple of songs, and the textually and musically interesting "Prophecy of Daniel and St. John the Divine," another bit of evidence that serious thought can be expressed in "young" sounds.

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