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Wow the Cowsills
August 22, 1968
The News Journal
Wilmington, Deleware

On Aug. 3, at Delaware State Fair in Harrington, a show featured the Cowsills took place. Our opinion of the show, which we are sure is shared by the thousands of people who witnessed them perform, was one of utter disbelief that any group could be as talented as the Cowsill family.

The Cowsill corporation consists of Bill, Bob, Barry, John, their Mini-mommy Barbara and the youngest of the group, little adorable Susan. One of the other sons, Paul, who has just entered the performing end of the group, is also talented.

During the show at the fair they switched instruments and sang individually. This in itself is one of the most amazing features of the great talent that the Cowsill family possesses. In order to believe how good they are one must see them perform live and in person.
Ed Dudzinski
Jim DeMaio

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