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Top View
by Clarke Williamson
January 20, 1969
Daily Inter Lake
Kalispell, Montana

None of the following specials wins distinction after TOP VIEW voting, but Tennessee Ernie Ford and Peggy Fleming come out in front. Voters give Frank Sinatra the only "awful" (as in past voting):
Tennessee Ernie Ford, NBC, 72.6, good.
Peggy Fleming, NBC, 72.6, good.
Helen Hayes, ABC, 69.0, fair.
The Cowsills, NBC, 68.5, fair.
Perry Como, NBC, 67.5, fair.
Elvis Presley, NBC, 63.7, fair.
Jack Benny, NBC, 61.6, fair.
Miss Teenage America, CBS, 57.2, poor.
Ann-Margaret, CBS, 55.9, poor.
Frank Sinatra, CBS, 44.8, awful.

In the above voting, oldsters hailed Ford, Fleming, Hayes and Como. The middle-aged group mostly favored Hayes, then Ford and Fleming. Under 21-ers rooted for Cowsills, Fleming, Presley.

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