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A Pleasant Family
November 25, 1967
The Record
Hackensack, New Jersey

Can you name a family in which the mother was instrumental in welding her large brood into a find singing group and the father had a long and honorable career in the Navy?

If you said the Trapp Family, you’re tuned in on the wrong generation, because this family lives in a rambling old home in Newport, R.I., big enough to constitute a fine urban renewal project all by itself – not a grand old baronial manor in Austria. Nor do they sing gemuetlich old folk songs, but a gentle brand of Pop-Rock that has catapulted one of their tunes to top spot on the charts.

They’re the Cowsills, and regardless of what publicity releases say about their success and its nick-of-time arrival, the fact remains they’re an appealing group with an appealing sound. It may not rock the Cheetah, but it’s one you can lvie with.

The lead item I their M-G-M album entitled “The Cowsills” is the one causing all the fuss – “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things”. But the other tunes show they can do other things, like “Rue du Soleil”, “Pennies”, and “Getting’ into That Sunny,Sunny Feelin’ Again”.

It isn’t every day a group comes along you feel you want to root for. This is one, and it’s not just because they look physically and mentally healthy.

It happens they can sing, too, and they’ve have had the good sense to get together with writers and arrangers with tasteful know-how.

That’s a hard combination to beat.

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