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Look and Listen with Donald Kirkley
November 11, 1968
The Sun
Baltimore, Maryland

The swing away from violence on television next season may go further than has been generally believed. This is indicated in a detailed survey of prospects from the 1969-1970 season published in this week’s Broadcasting magazine. The trade publication list 65 new series in various stages of development by film producers in Hollywood and New York.

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The second biggest category in Broadcasting’s list is that of musical-variety shows. Most of these are built around established entertainers in TV or some branch of show business. Among them are Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in the country-Western series; The Lennon Sisters, Tom Jones of England, Godrey Cambridge, Glen Campbell, Debbie Reynolds, Jim Nabors, The Cowsills and Flip Wilson “Soul,” presented as a special some weeks ago, will some-what resemble “Laugh-In.”

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