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Cowsills Draw Big Crowd for Morris Show
March 18, 1968
The South Bend Tribune
South Bend, Indiana

The Cowsills, one of the newest popular groups to appear on the some and win a big following, drew a big crowd Saturday night when they appeared in the Morris Civic Auditorium.

It was mostly a young crowd, more girls than boys, and a few older persons who had followed the group in television appearances. It was a quiet group, that only now and then erupted into wild screams at the recognition of some song.

Strong ears were needed to stand the program, songs accompanied by guitars, drums and organ, all electrically amplified to full pitch. The noise was deafening, the words of the songs unintelligible and distorted.

The second half was no different, the family, joined by the mother, Barbara, singing ballads, folk and popular tunes.

This is a good-looking family. The boys, Bill, Bob, Barry and John, appearing in light blue suits and little Susan in a red outfit, Mini-Mom, Barbara, was in mini-skirt.

The idea of a singing family recalls another, the Trapps, but there is a wide difference and times have changed and so has music. It is unlikely the Cowsillls will inspire another “The Sound of Music” – F.G.S.

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