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Junk Mail Keeps One Reader in Trim
March 24, 1968
The South Bend Tribune
South Bend, Indiana

Frank G. Schmidt should stick to reviewing performances by artists whose work he is qualified to judge. His review of the Sidney Harth concert (Mar18) reflected his undeniable knowledge of and appreciation for classical music (does a performer of Harth’s stature ‘fiddle,’ or ‘play the violin?’); but his commentary on the concert by the Cowsills smacked of an old maid grammar school teacher’s attempts to elucidate the facts of life.

Obviously Mr. Schmidt holds a somewhat prejudiced view of popular music, probably stemming from a lock of knowledge and appreciation of this particular form. His bias was very evident in his review of the Cowsills. Having him attempt to review their concert objectively was as ridiculous as asking a rabid-14-year-old Cowsills fan to criticize Harth. In either case does there exist sufficient understanding of or appreciation for the artist or his work.

Mr. Schmidt, please promise not to attend any more pop music concerts. You won’t succeed in arbitrating anyone’s taste, as the teeny boppers don’t ready your reviews and the Sidney Hart set couldn’t care less.

Roger C. Bell Osceola

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