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TV Key Mailbag
September 5, 1968
The Bridgeport Post
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Q - The Cowsills has become my favorite new recording group and I would love to know what plans they have for TV, if any. Also would you please tell me the names of the family and the ages of the kids. - Mrs. N. D., Wichita, Kan.

A - The popular singing family will star in their own TV special on NBC-TV on Saturday Nov. 23. The Cowsills have had a very successful year in show business. In just one short year, they have come a long way from their home town in Newport, Rhode Island. Bud Cowsill, the father, organized the group which features his wife and six of their children. The performing Cowsills include mother Barbara; Bill, 20 years old; Bob, 18 years old; Paul, 16 years old; Barry, 13 years old; Johnny, 11 years old; and Susie, 8. Dick, who is Bob's twin, was the groups former road manager, but he is now in the Army.

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