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Medicine Ball merges talent; Shadows fade
December 21, 1995
The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sad, but true. The Blue Shadows have had a parting of the ways.

After four years, a million miles and two fine releases, Billy, Jeff, J.B. and Barry are making new alliances in the world of music.

Tuesday night, The Railway Club witnesses on of the debut performances from the Sugar Beats – the new project from the old band minus Billy Cowsill.

Picking up vocal duties is the lovely and talented Wendy Bird, who can fill a room with her strong, resonant voice. Bird was once a Lost Durango, but found herself in search of a new band after the group spontaneously combusted on stage about a year ago.

The new amalgam has that same sweet Beatles Quality, as well as Hatcher’s soaring harmonies, that made the Shadows local heroes.

Playing everything from Phil Ochs to old Shadows numbers, the show also had an undeniable melancholy to it – but that could have just been a hankering for old times.

For those wondering, the breakup happened in a friendly fashion and was a tough decision for everyone involved. Tour frustration and personality clashes just made it too difficult to carry on, according to Hatcher.

Cowsill is also refitting his side of the equation and recruiting a new group of players to be the new Blue Shadows.

Look for their stage debut some time next year.

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