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On The Floor Of Heaven
December 4, 1993
The Windsor Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

From Vancouver, which is too west even for westerners, comes a collection of pop-up country-flavored originals from a most unlikely source. Remember The Cowsills The Rain, The Park and Other Things? Hair? Indian Lake? Well, seems Billy “Bud” Cowsill of that Rhode Island brood has been kicking around North America since the late-‘60s when somehow he landed in Canada’s lotus land and met Canadian journeyman rocker, Jeffrey Hatcher. The two started nosing around each other’s musical interests and out popped The Blue Shadows. With influences ranging from bluegrass to country and western to rockabilly and The Beatles, these 12 songs are refreshing and invigorating reminders that old-sounding doesn’t have to mean worn-o9ut. Cowsill and Hatcher along with Elmar Spanier on bass and J.B. Johnson on drums, have produced the brightest new package of tried-and-true material since Mark Knopfler’s studio contingent of a couple of years back, The Notting Hillbillies. Rating: A

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