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Cowsills To Appear at BYU Homecoming
October 23, 1969
Union County Daily Hearld
Provo, Utah

Advanced tickets for the concert, which also will feature a group called “The Carnival,” will go on sale Monday, October 27 in the Wilkinson Center. The public is invited.

June 1967 marks the entry of the Cowsills onto the national music scene with a gold record entitled “The Rain, the Park and Other Things.” The melodic psychedelic sound appealed to youthful listeners, while the fact that the Cowsills were a family made fans out of over 30 music lovers.

A second hit record, “We Can Fly,” established the Cowsills as more than a novelty act and made them into one of the most sought-after groups on the concert circuit. MGM Records launched a heavy campaign for the Cowsills saying, “With a name like Cowsill, it has to be good.”

Literal creators of the Cowsills are Bud and Barbara Cowsill, who placed musical instruments in their children’s hands at an early age. Bob and Dick, twin brothers, Paul, 16, Barry, 15, John, 13, and 10-year-old Susan, along with their mother, are the actual on-stage performers.

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