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Cowsills: Refreshing
January 30, 1969
University of Minnesota - Diluth Statesman
Duluth, Minnesota

On Sunday Jan. 26, after what seemed a much-too-long wait, the Cowsills, America's "first family" of rock, came to Duluth for a concert.

In this era of the over-amplified, over electronifed sound, a popular singing group whose product is quality and quantity, and whose music is genuine, not electric, is indeed refreshing to hear.

Comedian Fred Smoot opened the program with a half-hour of typical humor. His timing and skill were evident but for a crowd which had come to see the Cowsills his act was at best anti-climatic.

At first the Cowsills were introduced. Opening with their past hit "Indian Lake" the musical family launched into distinctive arrangements of music of other and inimitable version of their own.

What followed was an uninterrupted hour and a half of pure magic.

Each member of the Cowsill family sings and does it with quality and exuberance. Perhaps the show-stealer was little Susan's rendition of "Hello, Hello," but Barbara, Paul, John, Bill and Barry each have their moments in which to shine. They do.

From where I sat, there were only three things wrong with the Cowsills. They took too long to get here, they didn't stay long enough, and it will be too long before they come back.

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