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Double Header Set at Dome
July 24, 1969
Virginia Beach Sun
Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Cowsills

Camellia Dairies, in cooperation with the City of Virginia Beach, will present the world famous Cowsills and The Checkmates, LTD., at the Virginia Beach Civic Center for two concerts at 7:30 and 10:00 p.m. on Saturday August 1.

Freckles, laughter, big brown eyes, a “Munster-like mansion” in Newport, R.I., a mini-mommy, and a whole lot of talent. This is a Cowsill. Five hundred years of making families from all the people of all the countries of the world, the Cowsills happened. They are an entirely new dimension in entertainment today. The music industry was ready and, in fact, waiting for the Cowsills.

The Cowsill corporation reads as follows: Bill, Bob, Barry, and John Cowsill – comprising the nucleus of the group. Their mini-mommy, Barbara Cowsill, lends her sweet, clear voice to the boys’ harmony whenever it is needed and wherever they might go. The road managers, Dick and Paul Cowsill, who chose not to enter the performing end of the complex, keep equipment straight and in order throughout their journeys.

There is also a Cowsill baby, sweet and cute as can be – Susan Cowsill (who is constantly teased by her all brother family, who, although they’ll never admit it publically, adore her) and Mr. Cowsill, who, like any father would be, is stuck with the job of coordinating the conglomeration.

Bud Cowsill believes that love is a key word in raising a family, especially his. “When the kids do the right thing, they know it. And when they do the wrong things, they know it.” However, it is difficult for any father to actually define right and wrong. The only constant is love. “If I slip in some area, love will cover it. It’s crazy, but I think you read me.” Cowsill has said on many occasions, “Whenever any member of the family has a problem, we do like all families – sweat, all the while helping it working with The Cowsills are The Checkmates Ltd. – five explosively talented individuals

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