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The Music Factory Dubuts -- Featured On WDOM Sundays
February 8, 1968
The Cowl
Providence College
Providence, Rhode Island

MGM/Verve Records has taken a giant step onto college campuses across the nation with the inauguration of a new, hour long, weekly, nationally syndicated college radio program called "THE MUSIC FACOTRY" The show is the same as that aired over WABC-FM in New York and singled out by Richard Goldstein, New York Times contemporary music critic as one of the few "Quality Rock Shows" holding the fort in town.

. . .

On the first broadcast, Tom (Wilson) relates his stormy trip through Europe on a concert tour with the famous Mothers Of Invention. Shows following include, Odetta, Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground, Every Mothers' Son, The Cowsills. Paul Williams, Publisher of Crawdaddy, Tim Buckley, Sam The Sham, Artie Ripp, President of Kama Sutra Records (The Lovin' Spoonful label), Teddy Reig, The Manager of County Basie and Richie Havens.

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