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Wonderful World of Pizzazz
Wednesday March 19, 1969
From The Abilene Reporter News
Abilene, Texas

by Cynthia Lowry AP Television-Radio Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Unfortunately, there are a few areas of genuine public interest that stubbornly evade television treatment: financial news, because no one yet has been able to make statistics "visual" to the TV sense, and fashions - woman's and men's - probably because the models are likely to attract more attention than the clothes they are wearing.

"The Wonderful World of Pizzazz," despite the title was an ambitious NBC special Tuesday night, and it bravely tackled the business of fashion from a non-news angle. It used the business of clothes as an excuse for music, comedy and camera effects.

. . .

The musical numbers were vivacious and amusing. Michelle Lee was a soloist, with other numbers by the Cowsill family and Harper's Bizarre. Pat Paulsen, with a couple of dead pan routines, didn't fair as well.

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