St. Jude Promo

Back in (probably 1968) The Cowsills recorded a promo spot for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital telethon. Bill does the speaking here.

Other artists recording promos that year were Danny Thomas, Minnie Pearl, Jimmy Durante, Marlo Thomas, Andy Williams, Rowan & Martin, Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Bart Starr, Eddie Arnold, Rosey Grier, and Sonny James.

The back of the LP reads:


The TEENAGERS MARCH Public Service promotion record enclosed in this jacket was a gift from the great stars and athletes listed on the front cover. It was given with the understanding that the record would be put in the hands of public spirited, community oriented radio stations for public service promotion of the TEENAGERS MARCH. Creatively presented, this array of stars, backed up by a responsive station staff, can provide a sparkling public service program and produce an outstanding teenage campaign.

A TEENAGERS MARCH involves two different radio appeals — a recruitment appeal to teenagers, asking them to join the marchers army, and a second appeal to all citizens of the community asking for a generous response when a teenage volunteer wearing the big Danny Thomas badge calls on the day of the march.

Supporting stations can elect to follow any one of three different plans:

1. RECRUITMENT (6-weeks) The station, using the Star Power package backed up by the announcing staff, devotes its resources to raising an army of teenagers through inspirational appeals for volunteer marchers.

2. PROMOTION (7-days) The seven-day program is a total commitment to a high frequency use of the Star Power package, supplemented by editorial, feature and news coverage during the seven days leading up to the TEENAGERS MARCH.

3. TOTAL CAMPAIGN (6 weeks) Combines both recruitment and promotion — an all-out 6-week recruitment campaign, plus 7-days of high intensity Star Power promotion asking the public to support the marchers.

The spots on the record can be used as recorded, or taken off on cartridge and supplemented with tie-in copy by a staff announcer. A series of suggested tie-in spots is enclosed in the album jacket with the record.

Dear Friend,

Radio's involvement in the TEENAGERS MARCH to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been vital to the success of the project, for which you have my most sincere thanks.

Many charitable campaigns are organized professionally by adults. The TEENAGERS MARCH belongs to the kids. It is their opportunity to assume responsibility for the smaller, less fortunate ones who come to St. Jude Hospital for treatment. Believe me, they have responded wonderfully!

Radio, the medium of youth, is the only way we can appeal to teenagers for help and keep in touch with them during the TEENAGERS MARCH campaign.

I am asking you to join with me in this most worthwhile project. The objectives of scientists working at St. Jude are as challenging as our exploration of the moon. They are exploring even more remote areas right here on earth in a search for cures for leukemia and other catastrophic diseases that seek out children.

I have faith that the teenagers of your community will justify any commitment that you make to them if you will lend your voice to their cause.

We need your help to inspire young people to rally to this cause, to maintain their interest and to prepare the citizens of the community to respond to their appeal graciously and generously.

The public service program that I am asking you to adopt can involve a six week period, or can be confined to seven days of high frequency, maximum impact support.

Please give it your best. The children of St. Jude Hospital deserve nothing less.

Very Sincerely,
Danny Thomas, President ALSAC

ALSAC— St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The principal purpose of the hospital is to conduct research that will provide cures and preventive measures for childhood diseases.

Major research projects are being conducted in the fields of leukemia, childhood cancer, blood disorders, neuroblastoma, muscle disorders and malnourishment.

Admission to the hospital is by referral of any practicing physician. Children sixteen and under, from any locality and regardless of race, color or creed, are treated free of charge.

St. Jude Hospital is located in Memphis, Tennessee. However, research being conducted at the hospital is aimed at no one particular community — only at finding cures for childhood diseases, wherever a child may live.

ALSAC is the fund-raising arm of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Over 300 chapters across the nation conduct TEENAGERS MARCHES in support of this humanitarian project.

Danny Thomas founded St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and now serves as active president of the organization.

St. Jude Promo

The Cowsills: Hello We're The Cowsills

Bill: I'm Bill speaking to you in behalf of The Cowsills. All of us are appealing to you to suppor the Teenagers March. When you see the Danny Thomas badge on a teen at your door, give a buck. It will help a lot.

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