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Exclusive Interview with The Cowsills


Q. Can you fill us in on your vital statistics, Bill?
A. Well, I was born on January 9,1948, and I have green eyes, brown hair, and I play rhythm guitar. They won't let me play anything else!

Q. What type of things do you like?
A.I like things and people that make me happy.

Q. What makes you happy?
A. It kind of sounds trite, you read it in every magazine, but making people happy through my music, Thats what really makes me the happiest.

Q. What's your favorite type of food?
A. Sea food. That is fish, clams... I don't like lobster. I think it's too hard to eat. I like crabs, though, and French fries.

Q. Which singing groups do you like the best?
A Well, to start with, I'd say the Beatles, and I really dig Dionne Warwick, Dean Martin and the Rascals.

Q. Do you like to watch television? What shows do you like?
A. Oh, do I watch television!! "I Spy," the "Fugitive" and "Star Trek."

Q. Does the mike make you nervous?
A. Are you kidding? The mike is my best friend.

Q. What college do you go to?
A. Pace College in New York City. Eventually I want to be an English teacher.

Q. Any other things to add to all this?
A Yes. You asked me what I don't like. Well, I don't like people who ask questions just for the sake of asking questions, you know what I mean? People who want to ask you questions just because they want to talk to you or because they think they are sounding intelligent. If you have something to say, by all means, say it, but if you are just saying it for the sake of saying it, don't say it. A play on words there.

Q. Who is your favorite author?
A. I really like some of the Shakespearian sonnets, I really like those. I don't like his plays too much, but I like the sonnets and I like Keats and Tennyson and Sam Johnson. I think they are great.

Q. Do you like girls?
A. Gee! I was waiting for you to ask. Yes ... I like girls, immensely.

Q. What type of girls do you like?
A. I like girls that don't talk too much and ...I mean, just a nice girl. It doesn't have to be any specific shape or size or height. Of course, that helps, but I wouldn't be specific there. Just good personality, you know, all the nice things

Q. What do you think of false eyelashes, long hair and knee makeup?
A. If it helps, its all right. Miniskirts are the greatest.

Q. How do you see the sound of your group?
A. At the moment I believe that for a fresh new group such as ourselves to be categorized in any one bag is harmful. It works for the Beach Boys, the Lovin' Spoonful and some others, but I like to think that the Cowsills are versatile and tuned in to the demands of today's pop world. I believe you call our sounds "Cowsill."


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Q. John, do you mind telling us a little about yourself in general?
A. Of course not! I was born on March 2, 1956, and I have brown eyes, dark brown hair and play the drums.

Q. How do you twiddle the drumsticks around that way ?
A Well, its not easy.

Q. What kind of things do you like?
A. Baseball, swimming, strawberry ice cream sodas, and Mom and Dad.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?
A. Get into trouble.

Q. Do you like to draw and read?
A. When I have time, yes, I do draw.

Q. What type of food do you prefer?
A Fried chicken, turkey, roast beef and French fries.

Q. I guess you like to eat. Now, what singing groups do you like?
A. The Rascals, the Beatles, Dino Dinelli.

Q. What television shows do you like best?
A. "Star Trek" and the ones I get to watch.

Q. Do you like girls?
A. I'd say Mom, she's my favorite.

Q. And Susan?
A.Well, sometimes. Other times, well... I guess she's a good kid.

Q. What kind of clothes do you like? Hippy clothes with wide belts?
A Yeah, I wear them sometimes - only sometimes, when I'm in the mood.

Q. You must be recording your fourth album already.
A. We're writing songs for it at the moment.

Q. What do you think of photographers and reporters?
A. They're really great people and I don't even mind them taking pictures from, two inches away!!


Q. Hi Barry. What about your background and statistics?
A. Oh. Well, my name is Barry Stephen Bartholemew Cowsill, born September 14, 1954, and I have hazel eyes, and brown hair. I play bass, and tambourine.

Q. Do you consider yourself the star of the Cowsills?
A. No! There is no star in the Cowsills.

Q. What type of things do you like?
A. I like happy people, fun times, sometimes being alone and sunny days.

Q. And what do you enjoy eating the most?
A. Lobster.

Q. What singers do you like?
A The Rascals, the Beatles, Sam Dave.

Q. How about television?
A. I watch "The Road Runner," "Star Trek" "Dream Girl" one of those New York shows.


Page 19

Q. How do you like to dress?
A. I am happiest in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with no shoes!!

Q. Do you like girls at all?
A. I'm beginning to!

Q. Could you go for a girl like Twiggy? What kind of girls do you like?
A. If I liked her and if she were fun to be with. I like bubbly, fun girls that I can have a good time with.

Q. How do you describe the group's sound?
A. Its the Cowsill sound.


Q. What's your name?
A. Oh, I almost forgot! Robert Paul Cowsill. I was born on August 26, 1949 and my eyes and hair are brown. My hair is darker in the winter, though. I play guitar and organ; Bill plays lead guitar when I'm at the organ. Also, piano and drums.

Q. What things do you like best?
A. I like basketball and most sports. I even like to watch sports, but not golf. I love watching baseball. My team's the Boston Red Sox.

Q. What things don't you like?
A. I don't like pushy, aggressive females or cloudy days.

Q. Where do you go to school?
A. Pace College in New York City.

Q. How about food?
A. Oh, food. I love French fries, hamburgers, steak, chicken, spaghetti... and more French fries.

Q. Who are your favorite singers?
A. I like the Beatles. And Andy Williams.

Q. And do you like girls?
A. Yes, yes. A thousand times yes.

Q. What type of girls do you like?
A. Healthy girls with nice long or short hair, and a good personality.

Q. What about false eyelashes and knee makeup?
A. Thats their business. But if it bothers me, I'll take it off!

Q. What do you think your group sound should be called?
A. I'll tell you... Our group sound is every sound that is going today, all put into one, if you know what I mean. All of our songs have a lot of voice in them which makes them distinctive.

Q. Can you see in any particular cuts on the album any particular songs that might be production songs like the Beatles have had?
A. We are not concerned with imitating or copying the Beatles' production in any way. As always, we are striving for an album that people listen to, and say, "Wow, the Cowsills really did a good job this time." And we should keep improving, too.


Q. Well, you're the mother of them all, Barbara Cowsill. Has there been a sudden change in your family's atmosphere now?
A There certainly has!

Q. Has it disrupted things as far as the family is concerned, or do you like it better now?
A. Well, it's not bad. We tty to keep everything normal and organized.


Page 20

Q. How did the group actually first get discovered?
A. Oh boy! Barry was the first drummer, then John took up on the drums.

Q. What does the family talk about when they are together?
A. Music. They don't read music, they feel it.

Q. Is there any message that the family tries to convey to its fans? A. Of course! "The family that plays together, stays together!"

Q. How did you first join your own children's group?
A. I just came into it. In fact, I don't even know what I'm doing here sometimes! Once upon a time, my husband said "All we need is your voice on the record," and here I am.


Q. Do you like to be called Susie or Susan? Tell us about yourself.
A. Sue. Mom, when was I born? Oh, May 20,1959, and I have brown eyes.

Q. Are you a good swimmer? I hear you like to swim.
A. I am now, because I practice a lot - especially my high dives.

Q. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
A. Mod miniskirts.

Q. What about things to eat?
A. I love lobster and fried chicken the most.

Q. What do you watch on television?
A. I watch "Casper the Friendly Ghost"

Q. And what don't you like?
A. That's easy: spinach, green beans, peas, carrots...

Q. Are there any rock groups that you like?
A. The Monkees and the Beatles.

Q. Do you get nervous when you sing? You really move out there when you are singing. Does that come naturally, when you jump around, I mean?
A. Not any more. Now I enjoy it. It all happens naturally.

Q. Do you like appearing on television?
A. Sometimes I'm kind of scared, but I love it.

Q. Do you know how many people watch you when you are on television?
A. They've told me a million times, but I forget!

Q. Do you have any message that you would like to tell everyone?
A. Yes. My poodle's name is Suba.

Q. What about boy friends?
A. I don't really have a special one. Sometimes they like me but I'm not too sure if I like them.


Q. Hi, Paul. What are your vital statistics?
A. I was born on November 11,1951 and my eyes and hair are brown.

Q. How did you get into the act?
A. I'm still not sure. It happened this past winter when we were all on tour in Italy. Bill had to go back to the States to get to college on time, so guess who took his place?

Q. What kind of reputation do you have? What are your special trademarks?
A. Well, if you want the truth, it is a well known fact that when trouble or disaster is brewing, Paul Cowsill is on the scene.


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Wearing a crinkled coverall
Waiting by the back until
It's time for the show to begin
Up at sunrise
Travel.ed far just to be here early.
But we're still sitting in the car
Let us in oh surely
We always like to set up early
We all know you, Mister Flynn
We've met your frown in every town
No matter where we've been
Oh yes -- etc.

We asked around and what we found
Made us all feel bad
But it ended sadly
You entertained for many years
But you never made it
And now you're holding back the tears
Totally frustrated
And now you're trying hard to hate it
But we know you Mister Flynn
The state of mind you're in
Oh yes -- etc.


You say you know somebody, someone who feels
Wown when you're feeling sad,
Who's up when you're glad.
I don't know anybody,
Haven't a person, don't know where I stand,
Gee, you're a lucky man.
I need a friend, not just a wall that I talk to,
But a mind having doors I can walk through.
Yes you can. You say you know somebody, someone who shows
you the way when you're lost, at any cost.
I don't have anybody,
I grope in the dark and I'm totally blind,
Hey, don't you think that's unkind.
I need a friend, etc.

I think I know somebody, someone who feels
just the way that you do, reminds me of you.
But you'll have to find that body,
I'm sorry there's nary a thing I can do,
I need a friend, etc.

But you'll find a friend,
Not just a wall that you talk to,
Just show him the door he can walk through
(You'll find a friend)
Yes you can.


See how the fluffy clouds move by us
See how the morning mist can hide us away,
And how the day is so much fun.
Baby it's funny, how I can feel so sunny,
When you're beside me,
We can fly, Oh we can fly --
Hey Mister Wind, just keep us sailing,
High in the sky there's no curtailing our fun'
So everyone come on, Hey you on the ground,
Take a look up and see what we're found.

Isn't it groovy in a daydream
Doesn't the day seem like it could never end,
And so my friend, we're one.
Nothing to tie us, bluebirds come up to guide us,
When you're beside me,
We can fly O we can fly
Hey Mister Wind, etc.


I saw her sitting in the rain,
raindrops falling on her.
She didn't seem to care,
She sat there and smiled at me.
Then I knew she could make me happy.
Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere.
I love the flower girl,
Oh I don't know just why, she simply caught my eye.
I love the flower girl
She seemed so sweet and kind,
She crept into my mind.
I knew I had to say hello
She smiled up at me.
Then she took my hand and we walked
through the park alone.
Then I knew etc.
Suddenly the sun broke through,
I turned around she was gone
And all I had left was one little flower in my hand
But I knew she had made me happy.
Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere.
I love the flower girl,
Was she reality or just a dream to me.
I love the flower girl,
Her love showed me the way
to find a sunny day.
(repeat and fade)


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JUST HOW BUSY ARE THE COWSILLS? Well, figure out how busy one Cowsill is, and then just multiply times seven or eight or nine! We'll try to keep you clued in on our every last move but it's hard keeping track. Sometimes the right Cowsill doesn't even know what the left one is doing!!! (But usually, he does!!!)

First of all, we Cowsills have been invading the world (that's right the WORLD) with song. Last winter we went on our very first EUROPEAN TOUR and wow, was it ever superfabulousmarvy!!! First, there was London, where we all rode double-decker buses on the wrong side of the street (well, it's the right side for the English!!), and then to every last Mod boutique to buy out the stores. We had to supply the whole family with groovy gear, after all...

Then... well, we were off to Italy, en route to the San Remo Music Festival where we sang along with loads of other rock groups from all over the world and we held our own, natch. Susie was there singing as strong as ever, and the whole bunch of us had a favoloso time. We went to Milan, Bologna, Rome (well, of COURSE) where we visited the Colosseum. Bob said that it was one arena he didn't think he'd like to perform in especially if he saw any lions!!! But we loved Italy, and we think that the Italians loved us... they kept shouting Bravo and Bravissimo and all that! San Remo is on the Italian Riviera, and we got in some Italian sun and sand while we were there!!!

After zooming back to the states, we were so booked up with concerts that we hit a different city and a different state almost every single night... CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, MIAMI BEACH, WOWEE. You name it, and we were there. And everywhere our fans came out in droves to cheer us on. We put out our second smash album "We Can Fly!' and it skyrocketed up the charts just as soon as it was released. So more concerts, television appearances, rehearsals, recording sessions, not to mention school-work and chores. One advantage to working as a family is that everyone watches out for everyone else, and somehow everything gets done.

We did a series of guest appearances on the Ed Sullivan show, which was pretty exciting. Then there was the Kraft Hour, the Merv Griffin Show, Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson, Hollywood Palace and on and on. We gave a wild big concert at Town Hall in New York (well, it was more like two concerts in a row), and our hit song from that was "Buddy, can you spare a dime?"

Now here's some more wild news: plans are underway with plans for a whole series of super Cowsill products. Like: Cowsill bubble gum . . . Cowsill instruments (drums, organs, guitars .. . who knows?) and Cowsill clothes like sweatshirts. We can't wait for all these things to finally HAPPEN. Cowsills are impatient, in case you didn't know!

Then this spring we toured some more in our own United States playing in New Haven, Hartford, several colleges and universities and THEN: a whole long engagement, three performances a day at DISNEYLAND. Can you imagine a whole family of Cowsills having fun at Disneyland at the same time? It was a good thing we had so many concerts to give... otherwise we would have never found each other in between all the rides and fun and things to see.

And here's the most splendiferous thing that's happening this summer: we're releasing our THIRD ALBUM... "Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools." That is a crazy title, and you're probably very curious about what's in store... but we want the whole thing to be a giant surprise, O.K.? For a clue, we'll tell you that the songs are all new and wonderful; we sing a lot about how people should love and understand one another more. That's why we are able to perform well together because we work as a unit, helping one another and ironing out problems before they get too BIG! But you know all about COWSILL LOVE, after all, you're our fans, and who knows more about LOVE than Cowsill Fans???

Last but not least, we hope hope hope that you groove the stories and info packed into this first Cowsill Comic. Why not write and tell us what you'd like to see in future Cowsill Comics? Fill out the special Teen Poll and then we'll know what YOU want!!! Because this Cowsill Comic is for every single person with Cowsill LOVE.


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Dear John:
I know this birthday gift is crazy (I made it myself). It's an ear-warmer. In case you didn't know . . . you button it in the back. It was as big as my head . . . but I hope it's not TOO big. If it doesn't fit, give it to Barry.

Julie Church
Akron, Ohio

Dear Julie . . . Well, you're the first girl who ever knitted me anything in my whole life, except my mother of course! I! I just love the ear-warmer, and I think it fits just perfectly, although Barry says it's too big. Thanks a zillion . . . Love n' stuff John

Dearest Cowsills:
You're the neatest, coolest, greatest, superbest and fantasticest family in the whole wide wonderful world and that's why I became an official member of your fan club. One of the things we do in the club is have contests to see who can imitate the Cowsills the most perfectly. Well, I can sing just like li'l Susie now, and so I won! Someday, if Susie wants to take a vacation, I'll be glad to pinch hit for her. Just in case.-. . .

Bye now,
Sharon Green
Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Sharon ... I'm very glad that you like my singing enough to imitate me. I don't think I need a vacation yet, though, and besides I'm too LITTLE to go anywhere all by myself. But thanks for the great letter !! . . . Love from me, Susie

Dear Bill, Bob, John, Barry and Paul:
Know what? You're my four favorite Cowsills. Of course I like everyone in your family, but just between you and rne, you four really swing the most I!

Deborah Kramer
New York, New York

Dear Debbie ... Well that's pretty great of you to say. But we can't all share you. Maybe you have three other friends who agree with you? Maybe?? ... Our best-John, Barry, Bill, Bob and Paul

Dear Mr. Cowsill:
I think you are the best father I ever knew about. My father says that if I want to become a famous star, I'll have to do it all by myself, and I don't think I'll ever have the courage. So, instead, I'll just play my drums along with my records of John and the Cowsills. Then we make supergreat music together.

Timmy Jones
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Timmy . . . Believe me, if's not easy being the Dad for a whole wild brood of Cowsills. Your father would have it easy with just one performer in the family. Maybe you can convince him to take you on a cross-country tour, like we did. But then again, maybe you had better just practice your drums until you are discovered on your own !!! . . . Regards, Bud Cowsill

Dear John:
I heard that you have more amazing drum tricks than some of the biggest drummers in the whole music world. Where did you ever learn to flip your drumsticks so well? I'm practicing, but I'm still not too good ...

Your loyal fan,
Drummer Tony Petras
Saratoga, Florida

Dear Tony . . . Well, it wasn't easy. I had to practice and practice especially when no one was looking because my brothers didn't let me into the group at the very beginning. I used to try to practice in secret, but my drumsticks kept hitting the ceiling, and rolling down the stairs. If you want to learn drum tricks, make sure that you don't have to do it on the sly! Everyone makes mistakes at first !!! . . . Rata tat tat John

Dear Dear Dear Cowsills-ALL OF YOU:
I am writing this letter for all the members of the Cowsill Fan Club that I belong to. They all requested that I be the official letter writer, and so finally I said that I would take this responsibility. On behalf of the club, I want to send you our congratulations on your fabulous fame especially your groovy trip to Disneyland where I saw you. Lots of luck from me and the club members my 3 canaries, 5 dogs, 4 goldfish, and my teddy bear.

Sheila Trent
Flint, Michigan

Dear Sheila . . . How did you know that we Cowsills are big animal fans. If you weren't in that particular fan club, it could be our first official animal fan club but then, we guess that all those pets need some supervision. Glad to have you all aboard our ark . . . Roof, bow-wow and tweet tweet . . . The Cowsills.


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Dear Barry:
Hi! My name is Sherri and you are my fave rave, think you are the kindest, sweetest, cutest, and most lovable person there is, and I can tell by your warm smile and looks that it's true. I love the Cowsills very much, and I was wondering if you will be coming to Connecticut on tour this summer?

I love you all sincerely,
Sherri Beatrice
Nianfic, Connecticut

Dear Sherri... I HOPE we are coming to Connecticut this summer, If so, DO come see us especially ME... Love, Barry

Dear Cowsills:
Why in the world do you call your big house a "Munster Mansion?"

Beverly Taylor
Dearborn, Michigan

Dear Beverly...You should come up and see it! First of all, it's really haunted no kidding and not just by Casper the Friendly Ghost, either. And since there is more musical equipment in the house than furniture, the place is kind of weird ! We love it so much that we don't even mind the ghosts; anyway - they can - all carry a tune! ... Love, Us Cowsills

Dear Everluvin' Cowsills:
I hear that whenever you go on tour, you make sure that you can sing one special song that is typical of the town in which you're performing. Well, my town is pretty small... in fact, the population is 34 people. But if you're coming here, write to me first and I'll send you the lyrics to the only song everyone in town can sing. That could be groovy!!! The song is called "Birchtree Bark After Dark,"

All my luv,
Joanna Snyder
Birchtree Bark, Louisiana

Dear Joanna, Would you believe it if we told you that we already know that song, and it's a lulu? Well - we don't. But we'll learn it NOW.... Luvingly, All of us I

Dear Bob and Bill:
I hear that you two have a problem deciding which girls to date. Well, we have solved your problem. I have several friends and we have all picked which Cowsill we would like to date and we have arranged it so that you are not booked with two of us for the same night. How's that - for a surprise??

The Crazy Cat Cowsill Fan Club
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dear Crazy Cats, WOW !! You're almost as clever as the fans in the story in this Cowsill Comic. Everything is fine with Bob and I, but Barry and John and Paul and Dick are not too happy about your idea. They demand equal rights from you Crazy Cats !!! ...fondly. Bill and Bob.

Dear Cowsills:
I iust became a member of your fan club and when I received the fan club kit, I almost FLIPPED. What I feel about the Cowsills is best expressed in the letter printed inside the first album, "the Cowsills' songs will be in the hearts of all the people of the world." I think you are the best group there ever will be. If there is someone who doesn't agree with me, the fan club members can help me put this person in the nearest crazy house.

Cowsills for ever and ever ...
Kaye Kelley
Huntsville, Alabama

Dear Kaye, WOW !!! We certainty hope our songs are in the hearts of people like you. As far as crazy houses go well, maybe we're crazy, too crazy about our fans !! Love love love, us Cowsills

Dear Cowsills:
I have already joined six different chapters of your fan club because I love you so much. So I am pretty busy running to all those meetings. But I'll do ANYTHING to support the top rock group in the universe. ANYTHING.

Peter Blake
Portland, Oregon

Dear Peter, We Cowsills all discussed your letter and wondered what in the world you do with yourself on the night you are free. . . . Your lovin' Cowsills!

Dear Mrs. Cowsill:
Which do you like better? Doing your housework or rehearsing with your family group? And how do you keep things STRAIGHT???

Susan Steele
Bronxville, New York

Dear Susan, Well - it's like this... I usually rehearse and do my housework at the same time. So I guess I enjoy them both, as long as I can do them together. Once I tried to sing the words from a box of soap-flakes by mistake, and once I almost washed Barry's guitar, but usually I keep things straight!!!. . . My best, Barbara Cowsill

John Tank

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