The Bonhoffs

Beach Boys

Janson, Susan and Russ

Susan and Rhonda Lohmeyer had a favorite singer/songwriter. Here name was Karla Bonoff, hence the name of the band became 'The Bonhoffs'. The band originally consisted of Rhonda Lohmeyer, Janson Lohmeyer (Rhonda and Janson are mother and son), Susan Cowsill and Russ Broussard. They held a long standing weekly gig at the Old Opera House on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The first song that The Bonoffs played live was "Home" written by none other than Karla Bonhoff. The band was active in the 2002 - 2003 time frame.

As time went on, Rhonda dropped out as the commute from Houston (where she lived) was finally too much. It was at this point that Chris Knotts - who was later to also be a member of The Susan Cowsill Band - and Robbie (???) joined the group. As the band evolved, Robbie left, and Janson also joined those exiting. But soon Rhonda and Janson returned and the band was back to it's original lineup.

The Bonhoffs music was described as "zydeco standards with "Brown Eyed Girl," "Me and Bobby McGee" and other crowd favorites" mixed in.

Quote from the November 19, 2004 issue of The Times - Picayune:
But after two years, the Bourbon Street grind wore her(Susan) down. "It really starts to zap your soul," she said. "You can only sing 'Jambalaya' and 'Brown Eyed Girl' so many times before you're ready to explode."

The Bonoffs started to slip original material and Whiskeytown and Lucinda Williams covers into their sets, which, Cowsill said, did not sit well with the club's management. Just before Christmas 2003, Cowsill and Broussard, now married, were fired.


Rhonda Lohmeyer - Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Janson Lohmeyer - Keyboard, Vocals
Russ Broussard - Drums, Vocals
Susan Cowsill - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Chris Knotts - Guitar, Vocals


Date / Company
Crescent City
2002 / ?
This was self produced and currently out of print.

Here's an example of Bonhoff music. This is a combo of that first song played, "Home," and a crowd favorite "Jambalaya."

Home / Jambalaya

Here are chords for a couple songs that are Bonhoffs related.


Brown Eyed Girl

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