The Ronnie Hayward Trio

UPDATE: In a 7/21/2018 email, Pete Turland clarified Billy's involvment in the band as follows:

Hi.I just found this and thought I could shed some light on the whole Ronnie Hayward album. Billy was not present at the recording as he did not play in the band until Ronnie moved to Calgary. The album was recorded in Vancouver for East side Records and later released in the UK on Fury Records. It was Ronnie Darwin and myself Pete Turland. We did play a show with Billy as a special guest singer which I believe Ronnie recorded. One set of Hank and a set of Roy Orbison. I hope this sheds some light on this album. All the best Pete Turland

From February 5, 2012:
This one is a hard one to pin down (and I have NOT). Most of this info came from a Melmusic site and pretty hard to confirm otherwise.

"Some people refer to the Ronnie Hayward Trio as a retro-country group, and some call it rockabilly. Any country music heard is not contemporary but is likely to be from the 40s or 50s.
. . .
Back in Canada since July 1999, Ronnie has been busy establishing himself in Alberta. Now credited with 5 albums, he is awaiting the soon-to-be-released latest recording (done in Amsterdam) featuring 16 original songs of country and blues material.

Billy Cowsill has been entertaining crowds with music since the 60's as a member of the family group, The Cowsills. While living in Vancouver in the early 1990's, he was co-founder of the successful Blue Shadows and did extensive touring to promote the 2 albums recorded by the band. Billy is one of the favorite singers of a lot of people in Alberta either with a group or when hes performing solo. With the Ronnie Hayward Trio, Billy plays rhythm guitar and sings harmony.

The third in this trio was Craig Korth. I do know Billy jammed with Ronnie Hayward at the Calgary Folk Festival 2000. A FFWD Magazine 10/17/2000 interview with Craig says "More musical talent was added to the recipe when Korth was introduced to Ronnie Hayward and Billy Cowsill, eventually forming a trio with them about five years back.

"I had a business where I made guitars, and Billy had a guitar Rosie that needed a lot of work," Korth says. "I ended up agreeing to do a neck reset if he would sing on our albums."

One more tie I found was that both Billy and Ronnie Hayward Trio played at The Mecca Cafe.

Ronnie Hayward - vocals and (stand up) bass
Billy Cowsill - rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Craig Korth - banjo and dobro
Other Members:
Pete Turland - electric guitar
Darwin Fisher - rhythm guitar and vocals

Date / Company
Move Around
1997 / Fury Records
Billy - rhythm guitar and backing vocals supposedly
although the actual CD does not credit him.

She's Nowhere from the Move Around CD

I couldn't find any tabs for songs Billy was on.

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