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Just Believe It - Susan Cowsill
Blue Corn Records - October 11, 2005

Flower Bar

SUSAN, RUSS, CHRIS AND ROB SINCERELY THANK: Everyone who helped to make this record by purchasing a "collector's demo" cd - it really did help! All those who simply made a donation to our recording budget - blew us away every time. Lucy, Adam, & the rest of our friends who played a piece of their soul into our record. And to everyone who helped see this as possible, Bud & Barb, Bianica, Uncle Donald/"S***bird", Aunt Leslie, Nanny, Ma & Pa, Eddie Starr, Dino, Otto, Liuzza, & Allister who's spirits live on; John Meyer for seeing it all, and telling me so, many years ago; Phyllis, I still miss you; Sidney & Joe Broussard for all the help, love, support, friendship, & "sponsorhip." All the Cowsills, Broussards, Knotts, Savoys, Presleys, Petersons & all those related in anyway - we love y'all. Nick & Miranda - y'all are awesone; Roquel Savoy, for encouringing Rob to run & play; Kent & Kelly for always believing & Joey for seeing it big; Pa "Poon" Prejean, Joe Ferra & Vicki Peterson for being wonderful "best friends;" the O'Reillys; Dionne & Drew Ferguson; Fred Presley at pathtree.com - check it out; Fred, again & Kelly, Andrew, Jacob, & Molly; Bob Stein; Dylan Nails & Julie Richard - y'all are awesone, too; Cleo, Tandy, Lucy, Daisy, Andy-Loyd, Flo, Sug, Buddy, Missy, Toby, Zuzu, Milo, & Mojo; Trinity School, especially Virginia & Father Michael; Cameron Smith; Jackson Browne for giving us the buddy rate ... & for being my buddy for all these years; Camerson Smith, again; MC & Kim Gainey ... wow!; Vallerie, David & Justin Polisbook, love, love, love; Ivy Mount School; Linda Twilley; Michael Adams & Halt Music; Mark Meaux of the Bluerunners & his lovely wife Jill. Dave Hirschbland & Bug Music; Becky Rosetti for walking into Cheapo Records; Paul & Shelley Sanchez for giving gentle pushes & supporting 'us'; Jeff & Karen Benninato for the same; Linda Ryan for taking all the "black marks" off of Susan's soul; John Crooke, Dave & Claire Burras, & our Gracy; Mark & Tiffany Manson; Jean Vidrine & Mars; Karla Bonoff for getting me through the night; Autumn Defense, Bluerunners, Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams, Orchestra Baobab, Luna, U2, Hootie & the Blowfish, Lance Armstrong, Yosemite, Thich Nbat Hahn, Science of Mind, Jose Jennings, Ernest Holmmes, Charles Filmore, the Buddha, Jesus, & the Artist formerly known as God for inspiring us; Lee & Martina, Kent Broussard, Vicki & John Cowsill for being such wonderful hosts; Richard Harris for being my imaginary dad - I will miss you; Gail Santamaria; Monica Steward & Jenny Eames; Carrie, Keika & Colley - Wally - Doodle all the Day, Took & Will, Traveller, Mr. Baby, Shaner, Miamo, Jose, Tiff, Nat Baby, Barbarella, Brian, Court Be-bop, Princess Baby, Ryan, EZB, Brandilion, Brie & Lea; Peter - thanks for the instrument loan, Sarah & Webb Holsapple; Hank & Ann Holsapple; Randell and LuAnn Kirsch and their beauties; Milt and Jean Peterson, Mary Horn & her family; Sue Rose, Dwight & Jan Twilley; Marla for walkin' the walk; Miss Joyce; Miss Joanette; Tom Stern; Brett Milano; Ricki Indie Dayan; Mike Mayeux; Scott Schinder; Jack & everyone at Jacques Imo's; Charlie; Jim Lowery; Mitch Ulrich; everyone at Bayou Bicyles & Adam's Bicycles - the best bike shops in the US; Nancy, Karen, Pam, Debbie, Merry, Val, Susan, Mary Jo and my Louie; Rick & Rob; Tim Summer for getting us started; Broussard's Grocery; Uncle Mike Gresham for loaning us his beautiful boat for ... ever; Steve and Christopeher; The YaYa's; Aunt Leslie, Bonnie Quinn, Nancy Farnsworth, June Lowery, Sue Boagni, Jeanette Moore & Dianne B for being so sweet to us; Dr. Laurie Glaser & the super staff at Peter Glaser's Dental; N.O. Musician's Clinic, whew!; Continental Drifters, Dr. Antonie Ky; Jonno for the ankle healing; Bryan Barry for being our managers for that day; Shanker, wherever you are; Mark Bryan for his enthusism, friendship & joie de vivre; John Adair for the efforts; Trina Shoemaker for being our "meant to be"; Curry Weber for being our other "meant to be: ... Y'all were perfect; All hail the Krewe of Bikkbus! and finally to my dear, sweet brothers - Bill, Bob, Barry, John, Paul, and Richard: I love you all so much ..."it was so fun and it was so good."

Dedicated To Steve and Wish Nails With Love

Susan Cowsill: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, tambourine, piano & triangle
Russ Broussard: drums, percussion, guitar, & vocals
Chris Knotts: electric & acoustic guitars, piano, glackenspiel, strumstick & vocals
Rob Savoy: electric & acoustic bass, glockenspiel, & vocals

Produced by Russ and Susan
Co-produced by Curry Weber, Chris, Rob and track 11 includes Mark Bryan
All songs engineered and recorded by Curry Weber except #11 by Mark Bryan, additional recording by Curry Weber
All songs recorded at Dockside Studios, Maurice, Louisiana
Additional recording done at Groove Master Studio, Santa Monica, California, by Richard Bosworth, Bill Lane, & Rich Tosi on tracks 2, 7,9; Shinebox Studio, New York City by Stewart Lerman on track 2; Stone Point, Awendaw, South Carolina by Mark Bryan on track 11; Lee Wall's New York City, by Lee Wall on tracks 7, 9, & 14.

Mixed by Trina Shoemaker at Dockside Studios
Mastered by John Fishbach at Piety Street

Artwork by Neil Ferguson, Fred Presley,Drew Ferguson, Russ and Susan.
Cover by Mark Fowler, Russ, Susan, Drew and Greg Good
Left cover photograph and flying photograph of green-flower girl by Robley Dupleix; all others by Russ and Susan

Adam Duritz appears courtesy of Geffen
Lucinda Willliams appears courtesy of Lost Highway

Russ plays Vic Firth sticks, brushes, mallets, & Attack drumheads. Susan loves her Taylor guitar - thank you Brent Grulke for it and inspiring the next record!

Management: Brad Hunt for WNS Group, bhsabrea@aol.com
Bookings: Mongrel Music, info@mongrelm.com
Public Relations: Valerie Polishook, vpublicrelations@aol.com

Additional Musicians:
Vicki Peterson Cowsill: vocals (tracks 2 and 9)
Adam Duritz: vocals (track 2)
Janson Lobmeyer: Hammond B3 (track 2) piano (tracks 8 and 10), piano accordian (track 8), keyboards (tracks 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14) and Wurlitzer (track 12)
Mark Meauz: mandolin (tracks 3, 4 and 7), guitar (track 3) and fiddle (track 6)
Jonno Frischberg: fiddle (tracks 4 and 9) and violins (track 7)
Adrian Huval: triple row accordian (tracks 4, 7, and 13)
Amanda Shaw: fiddle (track 4) and violin (track 7)
Curry Weber: chorus vocals (track 4)
Nicolas J. Broussard: vocals (track 5)
Miranda V.C. Holsapple: vocals (track 5)
Julie M. Richard: vocals (track 5)
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: harmonica (tracks 5, 7, 8 and 11)
Richard Burgress: banjo (track 6)
Morgan Saucier: cello (tracks 7 and 9)
Lee Wall: toy piano and bowed cymbals (track 7), sleigh bells (track 9), and gongs and keyboards (track 14)
Lucinda Williams: vocal (track 7)

Bonus Tracks:

Mr. Everything (s. Cowsill)
Performed by Susan, Russ, Chris, Mark Bryan and Robbie Tevault. Produced by Tim Sommer, Russ and Susan. Recorded at Dockside Studios by Tony Daigle. Additional recording at Ground Floor Studios by Mike Mayeau. Mixed by Mike Mayeux. Special assistancy by Shelly Sanchez and Stinky.

Don't Worry Baby (Wilson, Christian)
From the Halt Music CD Juxtamusician. Performed by Susan, Russ, Chris and Rob. Recorded at Ground Floor Studios by Mike Mayeux. Produced by Susan, Russ, Chris and Mike. Mixed by Mike Mayeux.

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