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A Different World
A Doodlin' Song
A Fool Such As I
A Little Bit Lonesome, A Little Bit Blue
A Man Needs A Maid
A Most Peculiar Man
A Paper 'N A Promise
A Song for You
A Song for You (Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond )
A Thousand Times
A Thousand Times (Co-Dependents Vol 2)
A Time For Remembrance
Act Naturally
All I Really Want To Be Is Me
All I Want
All My Days
All Shook Up
And The Curtains Close
And The Next Day Too
Anna (Go To Him)
Another Was A Brother
Anthem (US1)
Anything Changes
Are You Experienced?
Ask The Children
At The End Of The Day
Avenue Of The Indians
Avenue Of The Indians - Lighthouse


Baby Don't Go
Baby It's You
Band Intro (Billy at Crystal Ballroom)
Beautiful Beige
Be My Girl
Be Your Mother's Son
Belle Of The Ball - Action Skulls
Benny and the Jets
Bitter Jest
Blue Bayou
Blue Road
Blue You
(Born To Be)Riding Only Down
Bye Bye Johnny


Candy Kid
Can You Love?
Can't Make No Sense (Album version)
Can't Make No Sense (EP version)
Can't Measure The Cost Of A Woman Lost
Can't Stop
Captain Sad and The Ship Of Fools
Chain Ya Down (Blue Northern)
Chain You Down
Chain You Down (US1)
Cheatin' On Me
Christmas Time
Christmas Time - Demo
Cocaine Drain
Coming On Strong
(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need
Coming On Strong
Consider Yourself
Contact Mae
Could This Be Home
Could This Be Home - Jazzfest 2018
Could It Be, Let Me Know
Couldn't It Be Love?
Covered Wagon
Crack Alley
Crescent City
Crescent City Sneaux
Crescent City Snow
Crescent City Snow - Jazzfest 2006
Crystal Claps (The Time Has Come)
Cross That Line
Cuddly Toy
Cured By Love


Daddy Just Wants it To Rain
Dance, Dance, Dance
Dance To The Music
Darlin' Darlin'
Dedicated To The One I Love
Deliver Me
Desperate Love
Devil Woman
Devil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly
Don't Do What I Did
Don't Expect A Reply
Don't Let Go
Don't Look Back
Don't Worry Baby
Dover Mines
(Down by the) Great Mistake
Down On The Farm
Dragon Flys
Dream Lover
Dream On
Dreams of Linda
Drunkar's Nappy
Drunken Angel




Fais Deaux Deauz
Faith Waltz - Action Skulls
Faithless Love
Fallin' For You
Far Away
Far Away Eyes
Feed My Hungry Heart - Action Skulls
Farmer's Daughter
Field Of Gold
Fishinworm Blues
Free Man in Paris
Fun To Lie


Get Over It
Gettin' Into That Sunny, Sunny Feelin'
Gettin' Ready
Give Give Givin'
Give Me A Chance
Good Golly Miss Molly / Devil With A Blue Dress
Goin Home
Goin Home (US1)
Good Ole Rock & Roll Song
Good Vibrations
Goodtime Charlie
Gone Fishin'
Gotta Get Away From It All
Grey Sunny Day
(Down by the) Great Mistake


Heather Says
Heather Says - Psycho Sisters
Heart Full Of Soul
Heart, Home
Heart Of A Lion, Soul Of A Dove
Heaven Held
Hell Stays Open All Night Long
Hello, Hello
Here I Am
Hey Good Lookin'
Highway of the Saints
Hold On Tight
Hotter Than Fire
How Can I Make You See
Hula Hoop


II x II (Cowsills)
II X II (Bill Cowsill)
I Be Low
I Believe
I Can't Let Go
I Can't Make it Alone
I Can't See My Mama
I Didn't Want To Lie
I Feel The Earth Move
I Know
I Know, Know, Know, I'll Never Love, Love
I Know You Know
I Know You Know - Jazzfest 2006
I Only Want To Be With You
I'm Dancing All Over You
I'm Movin' On
I Got A Woman
I Don't Believe A Word He Says
I Really Want To Know You
I Want to Learn to Waltz With You
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
I Will Always Want To See You
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
If I See You In Another World - Action Skulls
If I Were You
If It Ain't A Rockin'
If We Make It Till December
If You Can't Have It - Knock It
If You Gotta Go, Then Go Now
I'm A Dreamer
I'm A Little Bit Lonesome
I'm Movin' On
Impossible Years
(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need
In The Future - Action Skulls
Indian Lake
Indian Lake - A Family Thing
Intro - Susan at Jazzfest 2006
In Need Of A Friend
In Need Of A Friend - A Family Thing
Invisible Boyfriend
Invisible Boyfriend (Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond)
Is Anybody Here
(Stop, Look) Is Anyone There?
Is It Any Wonder?
Is It Any Wonder? - Global
Is You Love Alive?
It Might As Well Rain Until September
It's All Over Now
It's Over Now
I've Had Me Gin (And I Won't Let You In)


Jungle Lady
Jungle Lady (US1)
Just Believe It
Just Believe It - Demo
Just Believe It - Jazzfest 2006
Just Believe It - Jazzfest 2018


Karen A
Kid (US1)


La Rue Du Soleil
Learn To Forget
Legends of Love
Leonard Nimoy
Le Opere Di Bartolomeo
Let It Ride
(Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear
Let's Dance
Let Me Go
Let The Cowboys Ride
Lighthouse - Jazzfest 2018
Listen, Listen
Little Bit Of Lovin' (US1)
Little Sister
Live On Love
Long Gone Lonesome Blue
Long Journey Home
Look At It Rain
Lot Mo' Soul
Love American Style
Love Is Strange
Love Theme From Hight Street
Love Will Make You Smile
Lucky To Me


Mainstream - Action Skulls
Make The Music Flow
Manic Depression
Map Of The World
Match Made In Heaven
Matty Groves
Maybe In Time
Maybe It's You
Maybe It's You - Channel 9 version
Meet Me At The Wishing Well
Meet Me in the Middle
Meet On The Ledge
Missin You
Mississippi Saxophone
Mister Flynn
Mixed Messages
Mohammed's Radio
Monday, Monday
More Than The Next In Live
Most Of All
Mothers of the Disappeared
Mr. Everything
Mr. Everything (Alternate Version)
My Car Don't Lock (As Is)
My Car Don't Lock (Barry 2003)
My Car Don't Lock (US1)


Na Na
Nanny's Song
Nanny's Song - Jazzfest 2006
Never, Never Boys
Newspaper Blanket
New York
New York (Demo)
Night Shift
Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five
No One Cares
Nothing To Do
Nuclear Winter


O! Timeless
Oh Daddy
Ol' Bombay (US1)
Old Soft Shoe
Old Time Melody
Once There Was A Time
One Day (US1)
One Day (2) (US1)
One Hundred Percent
One Man Show
One Night With You
One Tree Hill and Exit
On My Side
On The Floor Of Heaven
Only The Lonely
Only You (And You Alone)
Out Of Time


Painting The Day
Palm Of My Hand
Paperback Writer
Party Girl
Path Of Love
Peaceful Waking
Please, Mr. Postman
Poor Baby




Raised On Robbery
Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Real Life
Real Life - 2018 Jazzfest
Remember (Walking in the Sand)
Return To Sender
(Born To Be)Riding Only Down
Right or Wrong
River Blue
River Of Love
River Of Love (US1)
River Of Love - Lighthouse
Road So Low
Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll Suicide
Roll Over Beethoven
'Round The Bend


Say You Love Me
Secret Agent Man
She Said, She Said
She Said To Me
She's My Girl
Show Me
Siamese Cat
Side Steppin' The Fire
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Sing A Simple Song
Slow Dancing In The City
Slow Down
Social Distancing Blues
Somebody Loves You
Soldier Of Love
Some Good Years - Global
Some Good Years
Some Of Shelly's Blues
Some Of Shelly's Blues (Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond)
Soul Deep
Spring Day in Ohio
Standing On A Mountain - Action Skulls
Start To Love
(Stop, Look) Is Anyone There?
Sweet Adeline
Sweet Bitter End
Sweetin' Dirty Girl
Sweet Emotion
Sweet Nothin's
Sweet Springs


Talkin' - Demo
Take The Gun
(Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear
Tell Me
That's Alright
That's My Time Of The Day
That Much a Fool
That Particular Way
The Ballad of John and Yoko
The Beast And The Best - Action Skulls
The Bridge
The Cruel War
The Embers
The End Of The World
The Fantasy World Of Harry Faversham
The Fool Is The Last One To Know (Blue Shadows)
The Fool Is The Last One To Know (Co-Dependents)
The Fun Song
The Land Of Dreams - Action Skulls
The Luckiest Man In The World - Action Skulls
The Milk Song
The Mississippi
The Mississippi (Continental Drifters - Carlo Version)
The Mystery Of Life
The Path Of Love
The Poor Ditching Boy
The Prophecy Of Daniel And John The Divine
The Race Is On
The Rain, The Park, And Other Things
The Rain Song
The Rain Song - Jazzfest 2006
The Rain Song - Jazzfest 2018
The Rain Song - Early Version
The Shoop Shoop Song
The Stay At Home Blues
The Sunshine Of You Love
The Time Has Come
The Trouble With Trouble
The Way That It Goes
The World at Christmas Time
The World We Live In
There Is A Child
Thinkin' About The Other Side
Thinking Of You
Think On It
Think On It (Co-Dependents 2)
This Mending Heart
This Painting
Thunder Road
Tighter, Tighter
Times Out Of Place
Tomorrow's Gonna Be
Too Bad For Me
Too Late To Turn Back (Album version)
Too Late To Turn Back (EP version)
Too Little, Too Late
Troubled Roses
True Love Ways
Turn Back The Hands Of Time


Under The Gun
Until Now


Vagabond (Blue Northern)
Vagabond (Co-Dependents)
Vagabond (Richard's version)


Walk Away, Renee
Walk Right Back
Walk Tall
Walk Tall (US 1)
Walk This Way
Walking After Midnight
Wawona Afternoon
Wawona Morning
Wawona Night
Wawona Twlight
Way of the World
We Can Fly
We Can Fly - A Family Thing
We Got A Baby In Our House
What About Love
What Do You Want From Me
What I Believe
What Is Happy, Baby
What The Hell I Got
What's It Gonna Be Like
What The World Needs Now Is Love
When Everybody's Here
When Hearts Collide
When I See You Again
When Will This Heartache End
When You Dance I Can Really Love
Where Do The Children Play
Where Does the Time Go
Where Is Your Love?
White Light
White Life Of Winter - Demo
White Life Of Winter - Jazzfest 2006
Who Can Teach A Songbird How To Sing
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Who We Are, Where We Live
Who We Are, Where We Live (Early Version)
Why Oh Why
Wild Thing
Wish I Could Say The Same About You
Wish You
With Or Without You
Wonder 'Bout Me



Yesterday's Girl
You and Me Baby
You Are Jehovah
You Are My Sunshine
You Are Part Of Me
You Are The Only One
You Don't Miss Your Water
You Got A Way To Make Me Smile
You Got Me Where You Want Me
You Heal My Soul
You (In My Mind)
You Never Can Tell
You Really Got Me
You Win Again
Your Cheatin' Heart
You're Gonna Need Somebody
You're No Good
You're Not The Same Girl
You've Got No Time
You've Lost That Lovin' Fellin'


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