Rhythm Of The World Recording Updates

Update June 7, 2019:

Hi all! I wanted to share with you an update from Bob, Susan, and Paul on the Pledge Music issues and the Cowsills album! Thanks to everyone who has touched base so far. I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say that I'm thrilled things are moving along despite everything happening with Pledge.

Just to reiterate - we have your pledges/orders, and rest assured that everything will be fulfilled as originally planned despite the issues with Pledge. Everything is moving ahead!

Thank you all so much for the support. More soon!

Update April 19, 2019 :

Update On Our Pledge Music Campaign
Hi all! Thank you all for the continued support. We wanted to update you guys because there have been questions about the status of everything given the various problems with Pledge Music. For those not aware, Pledge has been severely behind on paying artists and owe large amounts of money to numerous artists. I think the last I read was that they're trying to restructure at the moment. I'd recommend a quick Google search for Pledge Music - there's a lot of articles out there about this. "

Currently, we're one of many many artists who still haven't been paid for our funded campaigns. The good news is, the band has been able to continue some production on the album! So rest assured, you all WILL have the album upon completion. AND, please be absolutely certain that you will receive the items you pledged for in time. I have, and the band has, complete inventory of everything that was ordered.

Right now we are essentially in waiting mode with the people at Pledge while they straighten their issues out. We luckily made contact with someone there after a while, so thankfully we haven't been completely ghosted. But since the Pledge platform itself is not very useful for the time being, I wanted to email you all directly and give you an update. Unfortunately that's all we really can say at the moment because we really don't know what is going on besides what we were told, which is that we will eventually get the funding straightened out.

I can tell you that Bob, Susan, Paul and the band have been working hard to make the best of this situation and continue work on the album despite not having the Pledge funds. But as you can imagine, it's been a frustrating process at times. They're so determined to get this done, and I know firsthand that getting this project to y'all in particular is so important to them, as it is to me and the whole team/family. Hang in there with us, and I will update you all via email as this all unfolds!

I also want to encourage anyone with questions, concerns, etc. (even if you just want to geek out over favorite Cowsills songs I'm always up for that) to email me directly at cowsillpledge@gmail.com. I will respond promptly as possible.

Thank you all again so much. Your enthusiasm is amazing. We'll be touching base again soon, because the band will be back in the studio before HTT starts!

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