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The Hit Heard Round The World
Artie Kornfeld Interview
December 9, 1968
Host: Fred Robbins


Itís The Hit Heard Round The World

Fred: Hi everyone this is Fred Robbins with The Hit Heard Round The World Daily report on the latest in pop music direct from the top disc jockeys of the great cities all around the globe. Itís all brought to you by the United States Army. Your future, your decision, choose Army.

Fred: Today by way of a change, weíll be talking with one of Americaís youngest and most interesting producers of contempary music, right here in New York. Mr. Artie Kornfeld of Capital records. But first, this from the United States Army.

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Fred: Welcome Artie Kornfeld

Artie: Hello Fred

Fred: How you doing babe?

Artie: Iím fine and itís really good to be here.

Fred: You are looking very hip with the Naru and beads.

Artie: (wicked machine gun laugh)

Fred: I like that laugh too. Artie, some people in the industry are writers and some are producers. Youíve done both quite successfully. Even sang in a rock combo. Howís it done?

Artie: When you write a song for a production youíre going to do, itís interesting. Itís painting a total picture. However, itís like the parent who adopts a child or has its own child, and I have a daughter. So I know what the feeling is like to have from within. So I imagine it would be an interesting experience to adopt and love somebody from without. I guess itís the same thing with a song. When you write it and produce it, itís from within. When you record someone elseís soul, itís from without.

Fred: I guess it all depends where your head is at. Artie, when you did The Rain, The Park and Other Things with The Cowsills, creating from within, how did it come about?

Artie: I sat down and I said, ďThis is The Cowsills. This is what they are and this is who they are, and this is what I have to do to sell records with them.Ē And I did it. It took me a year and a half to come up with the right song, and that was The Rain, The Park and Other Things.

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Fred: Yeah thatís such a great tune man, and I think it would be interesting to have you give us a taste of something that you did in your earlier days.

Artie: I had a thing with The Pied Piper, ahh, by The Changing Times which was Steve Duboff and myself singing. That went to #60 and then it came out again by Crispian St. Peter and went to #1.

Song: Pied Piper

Fred: Thatís great. Artie weíre going to move over here for half a minute, and then weíll be back for your Hit Of The Day.

Artie: My Hit of The Day?

Fred: Thatís right.

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Fred: OK Artie Kornfeld, time for you to carve out that Hit Of The Day.

Artie: Does it have to be something I did?

Fred: No, if fact weíre really interested in know what you consider to be the outstanding song of the day.

Artie: Oh, well my definite Hit Of The Day is Hey, Jude by the Beatles

Song: Hey Jude

Fred: Ö the record from our guest today, Artie Kornfeld. Hey, next time we get together could we talk about what youíve been doing lately?

Artie: Iíd love to.

Fred: Great. Till next time Artie, Chio

Artie: So long

Fred: Well that the sound of the signoff. The next time weíll be talking to good old London town on The Hit Heard Round The World . And for making it all possible, thanks to the United States Army. Your future, Your decision, Choose Army.

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