Cowsill Transcripts

Chris Rose
Columnist for the Times-Picayune
April 23, 2008
Host: Chris Rose

Chris: I'm Chris Rose. I am here with Susan Cowsill (Susan waves) who will be playing at your New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Friday, April 25th at 11:20

Susan: 11:20

Chris: in the morning

Susan: in the morning

Chris: the breakfast set

Susan: the breakfast set

Chris: and I'll come back to that in a second. Let's do this first. Describe your music in 25 words or less.

Susan: An expression, I'm going to trip up on this one, an expression of my life's accumulated experiences in order to sooth my personal soul as to be able to continue to enjoy the life I was given.

Chris: Did you just make that up? or did ...

Susan: I just made it up. It was pretty good !

Chris: Wow! You should write songs or something

Susan: I don't know how _______

Chris: You're playing the breakfast set. 11:20

Susan: I am, I'm playing the breakfast set. Would you like to know how I ended up with that slot?

Chris: How did you end up with the breakfast set?

Susan: Well.... you know that's the day Sheryl Crow is coming into town and I don't think she comes around here much and she had had that slot and I had the last slot. And I thought being New Orleanians and how we are about things that it would be a New Orleans style gesture to go ahead and trade slots with her. So I'm doing the breakfast and Sheryl's going to close it out. I got a ... and you know she's awesome and I didn't agree with the lineup. So I went ahead and did that.

Chris: Susan Cowsill playing the breakfast set at 11:20 in the AM AM not the PM. Get up early. Friday April 25th. What's the stage?

Susan: It's the Big Girls Stage, but it's known as the Acura Stage

Chris: Acura Stage No it's not the Big Girls Stage. I thought I was going to be able to sit in the back under that tree.

Susan: Un-huh I'll rent a tree for you. Put it anywhere you want it. This is a song I wrote the day after Marti Gras, hanging out with some friends in Lakeview where I used to live with my daughter and my ex-husband, but and I was ... it was Lakeview afterward, but the air, the smell, everything just reminded me of the old days before our friend Kat came calling. (singing-->) "Marti Gras, the breeze, at the end of the day, You swing on a tire, it's so easy you say, Far away in a land, green and covered by trees, Just you and me baby, doing just as we please. The sun shines, your laughter, the stars are your tears, the moons for your wishes, the nighttime's your fears, the sky (fades out)

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