Cowsill Transcripts

Cruisin' America with Cousin Brucie
January 26, 1990
Host: Cousin Brucie

Cousin Brucie: Hey, this is your cuz. Life on the road, you know, is hard so they say. Any traveling musician will tell you that, that touring time is the toughest time in Rock 'n' Roll. And my first guest star knows about the road, cousins, as one of The Cowsills family. Remember the Cowsill kids? Bobby Cowsill logged many thousands of mile, criss crossing the country singing with his honor-less musical family. But now adays he's got a big secure gig singing in L.A. He says that he'll never forget the riggers of the road. Here's Bobby.

Bob : With The Cowsills in the late 60's, it was a hard grind. You're with your family, there's like six brothers, a sister, mother, father. It's tough enough on families I think, under normal conditions. Under the conditions of being together 24 a day, every day of every week, of every month, of every year, that can have it's toll, and take it's toll on family life. And it did.

Song: The Rain, The Park, and Other Things

Cousin Brucie: That's a little dairy music, cousins, from that family from Newport, Rhode Island, The Cowsills.

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