Dating Game
March 15, 1969
Host - Jim Lange
Bob was Bachelor #2 on this one

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Bachelor #1 Hi Linda

Bob: Hi ya Linda

Bachelor #3 Just plain Good Evening Linda

Jim Lange:OK Well you have three differents. Have your questions all set? Linda then have a seat if you would my dear. Make yourself comfortable and fellows good luck.

Linda: OK, Bachelor #1, I don't know why, but weird things happen to me on my dates. If at midnight I turned into my mother and there you were with my mother in your arms, what would you do?

Bachelor #1: Your mother in my arms, I'd be very unhappy. But, uh, I've had some weird dates and I've been having some weird dreams lately. For instances, just the other night, I dreamt I was a watermelon and when I woke up there were pit (???) in my mouth.

Linda: Oh wonderful. Bachelor #2 same question.

Bob: Well, I'd send her home.

Linda: Oh that isn't very nice. That's kind of rude, isn't it?

Bob: Well, I'd drive her.

Linda: OK thank you.

Linda: Bachelor #3, what makes you tingle?

Bachelor #3: My dingle mostly. But uhhh I could say there are other things that could make me tingle.

Linda: Would you like to explain that?

Bachelor #3: Well, to tell you that truth, when I was little my mother put this bell around my neck so she knew where I was.

Linda: OK Bachelor #1, same question.

Bachelor #1: Bachelor #3 makes me tingle just from what he said makes me tingle. I don't know. I don't even remember what your question was.

Linda: OK Thank you.

Linda: Bachelor #2, we're two cave people and you're just about to sing me the first love song. Let's hear it.

Bob: OK, Ahh gog gog gog gog Ah gog gog gog gog

Linda: Thank you very much. OK, Bachelor #3, can you do better?

Bachelor #3: The girl of my dreams, is the only girl, (then spoken) and I'm sure you'd be the only girl if we were cave man and cave woman.

Linda: OK thank you, very good.

Linda: OK Bachelor #1, what time of the day would you say that love is most familiar to you?

Bachelor #1: Love is most familiar to me at two - uh 3:57 in the morning. That's a great time. Really !

Linda: Why?

Bachelor #1: That reminds me of another dream I had the other night except

Linda: OK OK Bachelor #2 the same question.

Bob: Well I'd say around 12 midnight because it seems everything happens around midnight.

Linda: OK fine, OK Bachelor #3 It's award time. Turn to Bachelor #2 and pin an award on him, and tell me what did he get it for.

Bachelor #3: Ta da de da - For the most most nothing of all everything, this is yours.

Bob: Thanks a lot.

Bachelor #3 That's OK

Linda: Bachelor #1 can you do better then that?

Bachelor #1: I don't think I want to touch him I'd set him on fire.

Linda: Ohhhhh

Bachelor #1: You haven't seen Bachelor #2. He's not bad looking.

Jim Lange: You want to give him an award?

Bachelor #1: Do I want to give him an award? No, I don't want to ????

Jim Lange: I'm sorry no award, that's the end of the game. Time now Linda to make up your mind. So, while you're thinking about it, you have a minute to do it, we'll -----

Jim Lange: Welcome back to The Dating Game and Linda it's now decision time. You'll have to decide which one of the gentlemen over there you're going choose for your date. Will it be Bachelor #1? Bachelor #2? Or Bachelor #3? Linda, which one are you going to select?

Linda: Bachelor #3

Jim: #3 Congratulations to Bachelor #3. Is there any particular reason. It's always interesting to see why the gals select the guys. Any reason you chose him?

Linda: Well I liked his song and I like the way he pined the badge of whatever it was on #2.

Jim: He gave the award to #2 and he did it with pomp and ceremony. Now, you'll meet him and with pomp and ceremony, but first the other gentlemen. Bachelor #1, who you did not select, is a pre-med student. He's going to be a doctor obviously. He loves to bowl. He's from New York City, Larry Pearl. Thank you Larry

Jim: You also didn't select Bachelor #2, Linda. And this gentleman is a member of an outstanding recording and performing group. They played state fairs, the Hollywood Palace, the Ed Sullivan show and many many other variety shows. Their new single is called Hair. From the group, The Cowsills, Bob Cowsill. Bob come out and say hello please to Linda. Bob, very nice job. That's a lovely suit. It really shows up.

Jim: I tell you we'd like to express our appreciation in musical terms gentlemen by sending each of you the Broadway Solid-state portable stereo phonograph by Voice of Music. It has the steromatic changer, unbeatable stereo sound from VM the people famous for stereo, that looks and sounds better.

Jim: Bob, good luck to you. Say hello to the family will you? ... Larry

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