Cowsill Transcripts

Ed Sullivan
October 29, 1967
Host: Ed Sullivan

Ed: Now here are, well this group of youngsters here, here' a group of new recording stars. Bill, Bob, Barry, John, Susan Cowsill with their mother Barbara and a medley of the songs you've enjoyed so much on records.

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Bill: Thank you, Thank you. Thank you very much. As Mr. Sullivan told you, the name of our group is The Cowsills. By the way from Newport, Rhode Island. Also we'd like for you to meet our group individually now, in kind of a medley thing, starting off with our Mini-Mom back there, looking all beautiful.

Song: The Cruel War

Bill: Two, three, four. Bob always loved to play picket fences. Right now he's going to do a song for us and we hope you enjoy it. Bob !!!

Song: Monday, Monday

Bill: With our family eight and a half years and with the group about one month, we'd like you all to meet Susan.

Song: Sweet Talking Guy

Bill: Everybody says that John Cowsill looks like he's riding a horse when he plays the drums. So, this is why we gave him this number.

Song: Oh Lonesome Me

Bill: This is Barry over here on the bass. He's always got problems. This is one of them. Go !!

Song: Please, Mr. Postman

Bob: Well the fellow who's been doing all the talking, is really to shy to tell you but his name is Bill.

Bill: Reach Out !!!

Song: Reach Out

Ed: Come over here. ..... Tell me something. How'd they, how'd they start out?

Barbara: Oh, it's a long story. They just all had this in them and it had to come out.

Ed: Where were you living then? Newport?

Barbara: Newport, Rhode Island uh ha

Ed: In the Navy? Up in the Navy crowd?

Barbara: Yes, my husband did 20 years in the service.

Ed: Is that so?

Barbara: Uh ha

Ed: Well these, these must be the pride of the Navy.

Barbara: They are. I hope so. I hope they are. I hope so.

Ed: Good. Well it's wonderful to have you on tonight.

Barbara: Thank you

Ed: The audience here they just heard ....

Barbara: Thank you

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