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September 22, 2005

Song: The Rain, The Park, and Other Things

Mary Hart: They were the wholesome, pop family that captivated the country. But fame lead to misfortune for one of The Cowsills and now the worse if feared for brother Barry. He is counted among the missing of New Orleans and his brother comes to ET for help.

Song: Hair

Mary Hart: There he was, Barry Cowsill, in the middle of his family band as they sang their huge hit "Hair" from 1969. Thirty six years later his famous family hopes this video from CNN shows that their missing brother has survived Katrina wrath.

Bob: We're sure he's in that video. At least I am. It's on their web site and at 3:39, at 3:39 of that video, we're pretty sure that him. If it was him, it meant he was at the Convention Center.

Mary Hart: 51-year-old Barry, seen here in the Cowsills' personal home movies last made contact with the family three weeks ago.

Bob: He somehow, the third day after the hurricane, from a pay phone he said in the message, got a call into our sister's message machine.

Barry: Help me out here! I don't know how to get out of town except to wait days for a bus. Supplies are running low where I'm at. There's a lot of lootin', lot of shootin'. It's, it's bad. I'm been so f*#&*#$ lonely. I love you guys. I hope I get in touch with you. Bye.

Mary Hart: Now the Cowsills fear the worse, but pray for the best.

Bob: We heard one rumor that he was medivac'd out like a week ago, somewhere. So we're now in the ... looking for unidentified male patients in facilities or shelters. We're trying to just get the word out that maybe he had a head injury. Maybe ... ah ... I just don't know.

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Mary Hart: Over the years Barry has battled substance abuse and thoughts of suicide. His unhappy life followed the fame of belonging to group that inspired TV's The Partridge Family.

Bob: He was stuck in a family group with their mother in the band and their little kid sister. That's not what he had in mind. This played on him so when it broke up, Barry kind of had some tough years. Documented issues regarding suicide tendencies and things like that when things were really bad. Barry was headed to Los Angeles the day the hurricane hit. He had a one-way flight out, a one-way flight out here to Los Angeles to enter a rehab center to start getting his life together.

Mary Hart: Today ET brings this brother's desperate cry for help.

Bob: Barry, just wake up and look up at the TV right now. It's brother Bob. Just recognize me and tell somebody that "that's my brother" and surface and we'll come and get ya. We have a plan. We'll pick you up within 24 hours of any phone call. It's been in for three weeks. So just surface. Tell somebody who you are. Recognize me right now.

Mary Hart: For more on how to help The Cowsill's find their brother Barry, log onto etonline powered by Yahoo Entertainment.

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