Cowsill Transcripts

Forever - Dennis Wilson
film by Billy Hinche


John: My name is John Cowsill, used to be in a band, The Cowsills, in the '60s. And Dennis Wilson. First memory of Dennis Wilson was 1965 at Providence Auditorium where I saw the Beach Boys. And it was before Bruce Johnston had joined, so it was the original lineup. And I sat there in the auditorium, just a incredible concert and they played like nine songs - which was really weird - and I said, "Who's that funny drummer up there? He's playing like backwards kindof and just hunching over the drums."


John: He was, he was the real guy. He was the surfin' guy. He was what everybody dreamed about being. And plus he was in the b*****est surf band in the world, so.


John: And it was 1966 and we played a Yankee Stadium show. We opened up for The McCoys, The Gentrys, The Association, Stevie Wonder, The Byrds - bunch of other people. But The Beach Boys were the headliners of this thing. And that was the coolest thing. And once again, I don't know if this story is true, but we heard The Beach Boys came. They were the last ones there. We hung out with everybody else, but no Beach Boys. They had the private, private dressing room, the private dug out and everything. And I guess Dennis - I heard a rumor but Mike has not confirmed this, but he said the possibility was there - that they, Dennis set the dressing room on fire.

Final Thoughts - If Dennis walked into the room what would you say to him?

John: I wouldn't know what to say to him.

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