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Game Changers wiht Vicki Abelson
Dan Navarro Interview
June 13, 2018
Host: Vicki Abelson (and Louise Palanker)

Note: The following is a transcript of a portion of this interview which gives some info about Barry.

. . .

Dan: I worked for Tower Records for three years. I worked for the Great American Food and Beverage Company which was a restaurant of singing waiters. . . . I was friends with Barry (Cowsill) Barry was two years to the day younger than me. September 14, 1954. I saw him about two years before he passed. There was a big show at the El Rey.

Louise (Palanker): Oh I produced that show.

Dan: OK yeah. I was there and Suzanna . . . see I had written with The Bangles and I also got back in touch with them through Suzanna Hoffs. You know I had written a lot of stuff with her over the years. So I went to see them and Vicki and Debbi. I don’t think Micki was at the show. I don’t think she was in the band at that point in time.

Louise: No, she wasn’t at the show. No.

Dan: I’d actually work in a restaurant . . .

Louise: John played, Joh Cowsill played drums for the Bangles that night.

Dan: Yeah It was an amazing show. That was the last time I saw Barry. Of course he was tragically killed in Katrina. I know Susan decently. I didn’t really know anyone else in the family. The Cowsills . . . I mean I was in high school when “Hair,” “The Rain, The Park and Other Things,” “Indian Lake” came out. They were a great band.

Louise: Great band.

Dan: Barry worked at that restaurant for a little while. That’s how I knew him.

Vicki and Louise: Really?!!

Vicki: Oh my God. What were his songs? Do you remember any?

Dan: Oh God he did his own songs mostly.

Louise: He was a showman.

Vicki: Barry was my heart-throb. He was all over my bedroom.

Dan: He was awesome. You know, to be honest, as long as there’s video recording out there, he still IS awesome. I loved him deeply. We did do some demos together in my studio which is Eric’s (????) Studio

Vicki: Can you believe this? I mean it’s crazy because Louise is so …. She made the documentary. She spent years with them. And to know connect through that.

Louise: We were at the same place the same night.

. . .

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