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Cowsills on Gary Bryan
July 21, 2011
Los Angeles, California

Gary: Welcome to K-Earth 101 - The Cowsills

Cowsills: Yea !!

Bob: K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Gary: It's Bob. Say "Hi" Bob

Bob: Hi Bob

Gary: And Susan. Say "Hi" Susan

Susan: Hi Susan

Gary: And say "Bye" Paul

Paul: Bye Paul See you later

Gary: And Richard

Richard: Not here

Gary: You guys have a big event happening tonight

Bob: Tonight's the night

Susan: Tonight

Bob: It's gonna it's gonna be alright

Gary: Cowsills Documentary at the Paley's Center for Media in Beverly Hills. That's very chi chi

Susan: Is it chi chi?

Paul: It's very chi chi

Susan: Do I need to go buy something to wear?

Gary: Susan well ... you're not wearing that, are you?

Everyone laughs

Bob: That's why we love radio

Susan: I'm wearing it today but I got ...

Paul: That's not nice

Gary: Now can people come in and see this?

Susan: Sure

Gary: Family Band: The Cowsills Story that is tonight at 7 o'clock at the Paley's Center for Media. That is in Beverly Hills and

Bob: It's down on little San .. It's by Santa Monica and Beverly Blvd. umm

Paul: We want you to come out

Bob: 7 o'clock. It opens at 6, starts at 7. We're going to have the movie. We're going to have meet and greets. We're going to have performances. We're going to have a reception ...

Susan: We're going to have graham crackers and orange juice

Paul: Yes

Bob: ... on the roof. Graham crackers and orange juice.

Paul: Awesome

Bob: It's going to be a lot. And you can hear all the story of our little life and how it went.

Paul: Hummm

Gary: Now Paul did you guys do this yourselves? Did you produce this movie yourself or did somebody come and do a doc on your guys?

Paul: I'm going to tell you something. Louise Palanker who is the producer of this thing was hearing that my brother Bob was playing down the road. He plays all over the valley and has for 25 years. (guitar strums) Yea, there he is. And she

Susan: El cabong

Paul: ...started pursuing this thing. 6 years ago, guys? Help me out.

Susan: 6 or 7

Bob: 8

Paul: Was it 8?

Susan: 8 Yeah, it's been a long time.

Bob: 8 years ago

Paul: 8 years ago. We were reluctant, honestly, to tell you the truth. We were so

Richard: I would guess so, 8 years

Susan: Yeah, right

Paul: And even before that, so we reluctant to even get the story out there. But now we're really happy that it is out there, you know. People thought of us as this, you know, family band. Goodie two-shoes.

Gary: Sure

Paul: ... kind of thing. and no family is like that.

Susan: I was goodie two shoes.

Gary: That's true. Well Susan, I'm asking the question just so you can take a drink here, uh, Susan, did they get footage of the shows and do all that stuff?

Susan: Oh yeah. We got all kinds of, you know, Ed Sullivan, ummm

Paul: Mike Douglas

Susan: Our TV special that we did

Richard: Johnny Cash

Susan: Bandstand

Richard: Ed Sullivan

Gary: Wait a minute. Richard, did you sing with the family band back in the day?

Richard: No, I did most of my singing from the Senate

(Everybody laughs)

Gary: Oh really, OK

Paul: And we'll move on

Gary: Moving right on from there

Paul: Let's keep the government out of this

Gary: Bob, I gotta ... let me ask you this because ..

Bob: Bob I'm here.

Gary: .. because one of the legends of the Cowsills. The fact that they were going to do ... The Partridge Family was supposed to be The Cowsills.

Bob: It was.

Gary: And part of the legend is that your Dad made somebody upset in Las Vegas. Somebody with maybe a broken nose. Is that... I got to ask you that question.

Bob: Wow

Susan: I think that got left out of the doc

Bob: No, I think

Susan: We need to go back in

Bob: I think we have a couple of stories cris-crossed in each other.

Paul: Yes Bring the truth

Bob: The Partridge Family is focused really on Shirley Jones because our Dad, when he found out that Shirley Jones was going to be the mother, was not going to let us do that show anyway.

Gary: Oh, so you were suppose to be the band and Shirley Jones was suppose to be your mother.

Everyone: Yes

Susan: We were suppose to be The Cowsills, but not with our Mom.

Paul: It was going to be Shirley Jones and The Cowsills, I remember there was ...

Gary: Oh I see

Bob: Now once they met us, they didn't want us anyway.

Susan: They wanted me

Bob: They wanted Susan. They thought about Richard because they knew he couldn't sing and he could lip-synch real good on TV, so they were going to take him, but ..

Susan: He was going to be David Cassidy

Bob: Yeah, Richard Cassidy, but you know

Richard: Funny guy, my twin brother

Bob: We were old and pimply by then

Richard: Knocking my twin brother knocking - what did you call it?

Bob: What?

Richard: Lip-synch. This great music thing started with lip-synch.

Susan: Thank you very much On Bandstand, you're right Rich.

Bob: Now the Vegas story. That was Bill and my Dad getting into it. And our older brother Billy, who has passed away since then, look, look, this movie tells a lot about our Dad. And the first version that we had, that we got rid of, it was all about our Dad. He could probably out Jackson, Mr. Jackson and out Murray, Mr. Murray of the Beach Boys. And so that's all a part of it too. So ..

Susan: He can get his own movie later. This is about the band.

Bob: So you

Gary: Yeah I got you.

Bob: Daddy Dearest will be a CBS movie of the week, I'm sure.

Gary: I got to ask you something because I know a couple of families with child actors who are doing well right now and getting work. But, in both cases, they pulled them out of school and home-schooled them. And just took them out and marched them to audition after audition after audition. Was that your life as a kid?

Susan: No ...

Richard: No school

Susan: Not, there was no school, but

Bob: We are not educated.

Susan: But we weren't marched anywhere. I mean we were a band and we wanted to be a band.

Gary: You really wanted to be a band.

Susan: Absolutely and to Dad's credit, he facilitated that. That was one of the good things he did.

Gary: So it kind of happened organically, like the Wilson brother did.

Susan: Yeah, but no school

Gary: No school

Susan: And we weren't home schooled, unless you called passing your notebook around to the older brother to fill it in ...

Gary: Now wait a minute.

Susan: .. home schooling.

Gary: Now wait a minute

Paul: That's out of four years of high school ...

Susan: You go to Hollywood Professional School and that's how you did it.

Gary: So you weren't illegal but ...

Paul: No but we were

Richard: No, we're white people

(Everybody laughs)

Paul: My absent - I had 37 days total in high school of all 4 years.

Bob: Wow, really?

Susan: And I went - first grade was one full year and ninth grade was a full year

Gary: Wow

Susan: and all the in-betweens was just, you know, catch as catch can.

Bob: Yeah they can't

Susan: I still can't divide.

Bob: They can't divide.

Paul: I can

Bob: Can you divide?

Paul: Yes I'm really good at math

Susan: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. I know that.

(Everyone cheers)

Bob: Susan came out of an education with something.

Gary: We have a bottle of that right here.

Paul: Yeah baby

Gary: So there you were having big hits and almost a TV show, except Shirley Jones, or you Dad didn't want her. Who wouldn't want Shirley Jones to be their mother?

Paul: And I want her to be my ... I don't want her to be my mother..

Bob: You wanted her to be your wife

Paul: Yeah I wanted to take her out!! Out of my way, Jack.

Gary: She's still pretty dog-gone cute, I got to admit.

Paul: Florence Henderson is too.

Susan: Hold on. Let's not go there.

Gary: OK

Susan: She was hitting on Paul

Gary: This is a great story. OK so people have got to come and see Family Band: The Cowsills Story 7 o'clock tonight Paley's Center for the Media in Beverly Hills

Paul: Yes

Gary: A chi chi event, but they can be nice casual, right?

Paul: Yes, nice casual

Susan: What do they call that? Dressy casual

Gary: What's that?

Susan: Dressy casual

Gary: Dressy casual

Bob: Dressy casual

Richard: All I know is that I'm agreeing to the clothes of the road

Susan: The clothes of the road

Richard: and I'll be there. Alright

Bob: OK good

Gary: Would you favor us with a rendition

Paul: Yes

Gary: of your biggest hit

Paul: Yes

Gary: from the rock musical, the title song

Paul: Yes

Richard: And only one person got naked.

Bob (singing): I was leaving and right in the middle of a --- Oh that's The Partridge Family. I'm sorry

Paul: We do that one

Bob: We do want to announce on your show Gary that we have taken over "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family as our fifth hit.

Susan: Yeah

Bob: Because they

Paul: Come out on the road. We do it in our show, on the road. We're playing all the time and here we go.

Singing: She ask him why

Bob: Oh I love that.

Susan: Very nice gang

Singing: song Hair

Gary: Holy Moly That's The Cowsills right there

Bob: We need brown paper bags now

Paul: The only hair growing on me now is out my nose and ears right now. Watch out

Gary: OK get the oxygen tank. Well that's going to be a fun event.

Paul: Yeah

Gary: Thank you guys for coming in.

Susan: Thank You.

Paul: Thank you Gary

Gary: Paley's Center for Media in Beverly Hills 7 o'clock tonight. Be there. Be there at 6

Paul: OK

Bob: With Earth 101

Richard: Thank you for having us here today

Gary: The Cowsills

Susan: Bye y'all

Paul: Thanks Gar. Well toots some honey, let's hit the pool. Oh yeah

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