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Good Morning America
June 29, 1990
Host: Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson

Joan: And Good Morning everyone. I'm Joan Lunden in New York. Charlie is in France this morning with a preview of the Tour De France bicycle ran. We'll hear from him in just a moment. It is Friday. It's June 29th. Still ahead, perhaps you thought they were put out to pasture a long time ago, but oh no, The Cowsills have come home. The 60's family group from Rhode Island that inspired The Partridge Family television series is on the come-back trail and their first stop - Good Morning America. And they are going to be singing their most famous hit for us this morning, "Hair." Remember that one Charlie?

Charlie: Absolutely! I remember it very well. I'm old enough to remember it. I'm not sure you do. But again, I am over in France this morning getting ready for the opening ......

Song: Indian Lake (going to break)

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things (returning from break)

Joan: Alright they are all cracking up at that. The Cowsills. It's the mooo-ical group (they bet me I wouldn't say that) from the late 60's with their infectious hits "Indian Lake," "Hair," of course everybody remembers "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" They've reunited and for the first time in over 20 years they'll kick off a tour starting next month in Boston. And there's also a new album in the works so meet Bob, John, Paul and Susan, The Cowsills of today.

The Cowsills: Good Morning America

Joan: They really wanted to do that.

John: One more time really good.

Susan: Good Morning

John: One, two, three

The Cowsills: Good Morning America

Joan: Alright

Susan: Thanks Joan

Joan: You know looking at those album covers though as they flash by, obviously you're a smaller group. I know your Mom passed away a few years back. But you have two brothers missing, who are they?

Susan: That are in the band.

Bob: Actually there's three, but Bill is missing and Barry - sounds like they are MIA. They are just not here.

Susan: They're not .....

Joan: They're not going to go on tour with you.

Susan: Right

Bob: Right. They will eventurally, but they're not right ... Neither is my twin brother, Richard. He's around too. There was seven children total.

Joan: But they are also contributing some songs to this.

Susan: Absolutely

Paul: Everybody is contributing.

Joan: Who's idea was this

Everyone points at John.

Paul: We love John

John: I don't know if this is credited yet.

Bob: You got it John.

Susan: Yeah, it's credited.

John: I mean, it's crazy though. I don't know if it a good idea.

Bob: It was John idea. John would call periodically throughout the years. "Hey let's do this. Come on, it could be fun."

Joan: Well you were singing with Jan & Dean. And you did some of The Cowsill's songs, right?

John: Yeah

Joan: So you got a good reaction ....

Susan: Hey you what? Just kidding.

Joan: And you said "Why am I doing this with them?"

John: Yeah, being a side guy? I could be a high paid side guy working for this guy (points to Bob).

Susan: We're going to pay you really well. We talked about it.

Joan: How'd it all happen? I mean, your Dad, I'm told your Dad brought guitars home and started this up ....

Susan: Everybody pretty much just naturally picked up an instrument. My brother, Bob and my brother, Bill, just picked it up and started playing, sang like little angels and we all kind of followed suit.

Joan: You could go on and on with my brother, my brother. Six, six brothers. You're the ...

Susan: I always say my brother and everybody goes, "Which one?" And I know which one in my head I'm talking about

Joan: What a house that must have been.

Susan: No joking.

Paul: Joan everything went electric and all of a sudden all this electric gear is being bought and there's like no money to pay for it. So, my Dad goes up north into like Brown University and Providence College, sets up in the courtyards, has everybody sing and starts passing around cards. Hey, any occasion we'll play that.

Joan: Now originally The Partridge Family, I mean the writers of The Partridge Family, came actually lived with you for awhile, right?

The Cowsills: Yes

Joan: To get all that information. And weren't you all going to be on the show.

Bob: As soon as they lived with us we weren't. They said, "We better get some pros in here."

Susan: No, they wanted to use us for it but they didn't want to OUR Mom. They used Shirley Jones.

Paul: No, our Mom.

Joan: And you said "All or nothing"

Susan: We're out of here.

Paul: We said, "Our Mom or nothing."

Bob: Let's be honest, Dad said "Our Mom ...."

John: Quuuuiiiitttt

Bob: Alright

Susan: You guys, you guys, he's listening. Hi Dad.

Bob: Hi Dad

Paul: Hi Dad

John: Hello Dad

Bob: Dad said all or nothing.

Joan: They have no regrets here. And everyone has stayed in the music business except you. You've been building houses.

Paul: I've been building houses. I had kids and we were into Little League and all this other stuff and so I wanted to coach and have a job where we could just do it together. And I've done that.

Joan: And you also kept after the family tradition, you have what five kids?

Bob: I have five children, right.

Joan: And you have one on the way?

John: I have one on the way. Hi honey

Joan: And you're the little sister.

Susan: Yeah (Susan acts like she's zipping her mouth shut)

Paul: We love her.

Joan: But now you're back now and you're going to tour this summer. You came out once, I don't remember the date, you came out once before with an album and didn't release it because it was in the middle of the disco thing, but you think now is going to be the time?

Bob: There's a different attitude out there now and they are more open to good music and we're going to Boston Tuesday night.

Susan: We're playing at Zanzibar

Bob: ______ see you there.

Joan: Well we're going to break right now and we're coming back and we are going to make them play one of the old songs like everybody always does. "Hair" Right after this from Fleshman's Margerine.


Joan: And now as promised, The Cowsills, along with their new bass player, Cecil Duke, with their 1969 hit, "Hair"

Song: Hair (Personal note: One of the best live versions I've ever heard.)

Bob: Thank you

Paul: Thank you

Susan: Thank you

John: Good Morning

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