Cowsill Transcripts

Host: Harry Harrison

Harry: This is The IN SOUND presents by the United States Army. A happy how-do-you-do to you. This is The IN SOUND. I’m Harry Harrison and welcome swingers and if you’d like to know what’s in musically in other towns all across the USA, this is the place for you. The place we’re visiting today by phone is Crewe, Virginia. And with us on the long distance line now is Jane Tuck, who wrote that she hears the show over WSVS radio. Jane, sweetie, hello.

Jane: Hi Harry

Harry: Big question now Janie. What’s that number that climbing up the charts there at WSVS?

Jane: “We Can Fly” by The Cowsills (in a very southern accent).

Harry: Oh tremendous song from a tremendous group. Janie thank you for making The IN SOUND for today.

Jane: Goodbye Harry

Harry: Another hit from the Cowsill family coming up, but first of all …. (Army advertisement).

Song: We Can Fly

Harry: It’s The Cowsills, Rhode Island's gift to the music world, and “We Can Fly.” And Bobby, Bob’s coming to the mic right now. Welcome back to The IN SOUND Bob.

Bob: It’s nice to be back.

Harry: Bob I understand you’ve started at the University of Rhode Island. What’s your major?

Bob: Mathematics

Harry: And why not music?

Bob: I don’t think so. I don’t really like taking music as a subject. It’s not quite……

Barbara: They haven’t had any formal training at all in the music department. They are all self-taught. They don’t know anything about reading music or anything, you know. And they write their own songs with the guitars and tape recorders. In fact, Bill in his first year of college took a music class, and he passed everything and failed music, so … (laughs)

Bob: There is a difference. It’s not the same as going up and playing a musical instrument. You know, like a class you are learning notes and how to write them and I don’t really care to learn that.

Harry: Well good luck in school Bob. And Mini-Mom and all the Cowsills, thanks for being with us. Come back real soon now. The Cowsill Family !

Bob: Well we’ll try Harry

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