Cowsill Transcripts

It's Happening
January 11, 1969

Song: Good Vibrations

Host: .. are here today, but your Mom and Susan will be back with you tonight at Melody Land tonight, right?

Bill: All seven Cowsill's tonight at Melody Land

Host: Well, we'll all be there and watch. We got some questions now, people in the audience want to ask you some questions. Uncle Paul, Charlie Uncle Paul as got 'em.

Uncle Paul: That's right

Host: First question Paul.

Girl #1: Barry is uh The Cowsills going to be performing in the LA area soon?

Host: Well we just kind of said that but...

Barry: Well yes we said it all through the show, but I'll say it again. We're playing at Melody Land in Anaheim. Thank you. ... That's tonight !!

Bill: Tonight !!

Host: We have the next question.

Uncle Paul: Yes Yes Yes, you have a quest-youn?

Girl #2: How do you like living in California?

Host: Now do you like living in California?

Bob: It's really a groove. I mean, I personally like the hot weather all year round.

Host: Haaaa

Bob: I miss the snow a little bit, but it's really nice living out here.

Host: It's nice living in southern California, agreed?

Everyone: Oh yes

Host: Next question

Uncle Paul: No comment from me. You have a quest-youn?

Girl #3: Yeah, uhhh are you ever going to do another TV special?

Bill: Ahhh TV special. Well now that you mention it, we have one coming up in January, for Timex again. It's called The Wonderful World of Pizzazz. We're doing the song for the show and we're also doing the title song from the love-rock musical Hair.

Host: Oh Ahh Very good. We'll be watching. Do you have the next question?

Uncle Paul: Of course I do. Stand up, young lady, and ask your question.

Host: Well, let's hear it.

Girl #4: Are you doing an album soon?

Uncle Paul: Are you doing an album soon?

Bill: Yes, we just finished cutting a live album, which will be out probably in March, where we perform songs by various artists. And we had a lot of fun doing it and we hope you do enjoy it. We just did two of them on the show today, in fact.

Host: Right, and there're very lively sounds. They sound very good. That's the best, live album I've ever heard.

Everyone: Thank you.

Host: We're all out of time. I want to thank you all for being here today. Let's hear it once again for The Cowsills !! All right !!

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