Cowsill Transcripts

Kraft Music Hall
January 29, 1969
Host - Eddie Arnold

Eddie: The Cowsills

Song: Monday, Monday

Song: Mr. Postman

Eddie: Ahhh wow That sound you have is great. Really it is.

Barbara: Thank you

Talking over each other

Eddie: You know The Cowsills were on the Kraft Music Hall with me last year, a couple times, and now they've all grown up, except Mama Cowsill and she's just getting lovelier and lovelier all the time.

Barbara: Thank you so much Eddie. You know sometimes it's even hard for me to believe how fast they are growing up. Soon they're all going to be getting married and settling down and raising families of their own. It kinda makes you feel a little sad.

Eddie: Well why feel sad? Just change your name to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Barbara: While we're still the Cowsills, why not do a number together?

Ed: That's just what I had on my mind.

Song: You Were On My Mind

Ed: Now this is Susan Cowsill

Susan: Oh yeah we've met.

Ed: We've met? Oh I didn't know that.

Susan: I was a little nervous about meeting (???) I hadn't met a boy before except my brothers.

Ed: Hee hee Well I'm glad you kids got together.

Barry: As a matter of fact, Mr. Arnold. We've been rehearsing a song all afternoon.

Eddie: Really? What is it?

Everyone: Ahhhhuuuummmm Ahhhhuuuummmm Now here's a message from Kraft.

Song: Lay Some Happiness On Me

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