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Loving Caring and Sharing
North Star Radio
January 24, 2012
Host: Mark Mercer

NOTE: This is the last hour of this interview. You can catch the first part here.

Steve: I think we should go longer than just the standard 2 hour show.

Mark: You know I'm thinking the same thing. Susan, how do you feel about that? Are you up for doing a little over time?

Susan: Hey I'm a fate fan.

Mark: Now we're talking. Now we're talking So Susan, tell me about life in New Orleans, post Katrina. What have you, obviously you've been doing your music and stuff, but what's family life like for you there?

Susan: It's quite inspiring and life affirming, but also tragic. Well not anymore. I mean we're really coming around but the early days were pretty significantly tragic is how I can best describe it. It took a hand full of us who were willing to come back and pick up the pieces. It's kind of interesting, you know there were a lot of schools of thought, especially as parents, do you bring your children home to this or do you protect them or keep them away from it. And there's a lot of schools of thought about it and Russ and I decided that to not bring our children how would come back to bite our butts in the end or theirs. It's like leaving a murder scene. My kids left that day with an orange juice cup beside their bed and what ever pair of pants they had stepped out of that night, you know what I mean and should not come back and have to look at what happen. And not come back to their community of their school and share their stories with their friends. You know I think ultimately, and all the psychological, psychologists people, you know, professionals. It was important. And even if we didn't stay here, we had to come home and touch base and look at it. And then decide what we could and what we couldn't handle.

Mark: So, it's been like a ton of healing, huh?

Susan: Hugely And I have never seen, in the wake of such sadness and out of control, you know, life, the humanity, the generosity and the out pouring of love from everywhere. As ... it just matched every piece of sadness I had, was matched with a piece of gratefulness. And that is the truth. And it remains that way. There was a tough time, about 2 years in, when I didn't think I could stay here anymore, Russ and I, in fact the song called "Oh NOLA" was written as a goodbye to the city because I just didn't think I could take it any more. Yep. However, turns out I could.

Mark: So, what about like future plans. What kind of things are you looking at down the road.

Susan: Oh my God there's a million of them. OK

Mark: Give us a tease, at least.

Susan: I have a list

Mark: Oh good. I like lists

Susan: OK Here's all that is going on. First of all there's a project that I'm involved in with a guy called Freedy Johnston and John Graham. They are sing/songwriters, one is out of New York and the other is out of Austin. And we have a record coming out the end of February / early March.

Mark: What? This year?

Susan: Yes,

Mark: And I never heard about this.

Susan: You have a lot some research __________

Mark: I got to talk to Russ. He's not keeping me up on things

Susan: Yeah, right!!

Mark: So what's this new CD about? What's going on?

Susan: It's being touted as a super group by It's me and these other two songwriters and they are famous in other worlds - are noted. And we put together a record. It's three singer/songwriters coming together and collaborating but we also have a fun twist on it which is that it is a faeux band that's two brothers and an adopted sister. ha ha I always find myself in a family band. The theme of their first concept was having to do with ... do you know what a Hobart machine is any of you gentlemen?

Mark: No, what is it?

Susan: None of you know what a Hobart is?

Mark: I have no idea. I've heard the name but I don't know what a Hobart is.

Susan: Have any of you wash dishes in a restaurant?

Mark: Yes that was my first job out of high school. At the Landing Restaurant in New Hope, P A.

Susan: You were holding a Hobart in your hand

Mark: Is that right

Susan: The big spiral thingie.

Mark: yeah

Susan: So - I'm sorry. It will take me a second to recover. So anyway these two guys got together and they started writing songs about their life and times in restaurant work and we all got together at SxSW in Austin and it turns out that I'm a huge fan of both of them and them of me. $5 $10 right there. And I have also handled a Hobart, so that qualified me. It qualified me to be in their band. And so ....

Mark: Boy you guys got some weird initiations.

Susan: I know, but go look it up. You got, I hope somebody is taking notes because there is a lot to look up. And then the second thing that is going on is that Victoria Peterson Cowsill, who is Vicki Peterson from The Bangles, my best friend for the last 30 years, we have had a kind of virtual band called The Psycho Sisters for the last 30 years. We did a couple recordings back in the late '80s, and we are now making our debut record. We're recording it in the next two weeks. So, it's called The Psycho Sister, that's our band name and we're taking songs that we wrote back when we were kids and writing some new ones as well. So, that's another fun thing. And then Russ and I have a basket full of tunes that I'm going to get started, cuz I'm a Mom and I have a life, and he'll make us sit down at one point and make us put a deadline on us and then I'll .... We'll make another Susan Cowsill record. Annnddd, one more thing. The Cowsills, THE COWSILLS have a documentary that is coming out. I think we talked a little bit about it.

Mark: yeah, you gave us a teaser when we were talking earlier. Tell us about that.

Susan: Yep. It's called A Family Band and it is labor of love of the last 10 years. And it's the story of our family and our music and ourselves. So just go google that as well.

Mark: Now it's about time, I got to tell you because I thought something like that should have been done back in the '70s but

Susan: Yeah, you know what's really cool? Shirley Jones indorses it and speaks the words that with The Cowsills there would be no Partridges and that

Mark: Oh wow

Susan: Yep Yep

Mark: Now you guys were actually ....

Daniel: That's what I wanted to hear you say. Without The Cowsills there would be no Partridge probably

Susan: That's true. She said it

Daniel: Oh I know it's true, but I've had a hard time convincing my English friends because we all know The Partridge Family

Mark: Alright. How many songs does anyone remember from The Partridge Family? Alright "I Think I Love You", what else?

Susan: And guess what? The Cowsills cover that now in our shows.

Mark: I saw that on youtube and I was like "Oh cool" because you guys should actually own that song in my book, my opinion.

Susan: Well they took our producers and our writers so why not.

Mark: Didn't you ...

Daniel: Why not just buy the rights to it? ____ them.

Susan: Maybe we will. And there's one other thing that I really need to say. Russ and I are working with a screen play writer, her name is Wendy Anderson, and she has written a - well a screen play - based on the time here during Katrina. And we're going to be doing the music for it. Yeah it's pretty exciting.

Mark: Wow! When is this going to happen? Do you know when this is going to happen?

Susan: Well again it's been an on-going process.

Mark: So it could be anytime in the next year.

Susan: But she's starting a Kickstarter program for it. So, that's another thing to be looking out for and the music from Lighthouse is going to be the music for the movie.

Mark: That is awesome. Susan, that is so cool.

Susan: I know.

Mark: You got to be floored, come on.

Susan: I am when I'm not doing dishes.

Mark: Once you got that Hobart, you'll be alright.

Susan: So when I'm waking up and looking in the mirror going "Who the hell are you?" Cuz you know ... No, life is good. Life is gracious.

Mark: Now you guys were actually ... I understood that you guys were actually approached about being on The Partridge Family. Is that right?

Susan: Oh no, let me clarify this for you. We were not approached to be them, we were them. Screen Gems wrote this show for my family. And they came out to our house in Brentwood in 1968/69 whenever and stay with us for about a week and a half and kind of you know scoped us out. They wanted Shirley Jones to be the mother which - so that excluded Mom. And we're not, the rest .... We're not actors. So, after their week and a half stay with us at our house, they came to my Father and our business people saying, "OK, we'll take ... We want Shirley Jones to be the Mom. We'll take the little girl and Barry."

Mark: That's it? You got to be kidding me!

Susan: Nope

Mark: So what did you guys say?

Susan: My Dad said, "No"

Mark: Good for him.

Susan: Yeah, it really actually was because again I think that would have been a quicker end to us.

Mark: Well, yeah .... I just can't imagine, but that's Hollywood for ya. They would do that stuff.

Susan: And it makes all the sense in the world because ... I mean it really does. Art playing out life, you know what I mean? We couldn't play ourselves. We can't fight who you are.

Mark: Yeah, that is kind of a strange thing, I imagine.

Susan: It wouldn't have worked. But I was pissed off. I really wanted to be in a TV show, like The Courtship of Eddie's Father or something.

Steve: Well you have been in a TV show.

Susan: Iiiiii know.

Mark: I want to give Daniel the courtesy of queuing up our next song. What would you like to get to next?

Susan: Me?

Mark: Yeah you! Any ideas?

Susan: Did you do "Palm of My Hand" yet?

Mark: Oh right yeah Duhhhhh How about "Palm of My Hand" Daniel? Is that available? You have that one?

Daniel: Well of course anything is available and yes it's queued.

Susan: OK quick. My friend, Adam Duritz, sang on it with me. From The Counting Crows. yeah the Counting Crows. There's also the Black Crows, which I'm also friends with. Adam Durwitz does the harmonies on it and this is one of the first songs that Russ and I really collaborated on. And it's a song about how you don't know what _____ and it was in the backyard all the time.

Mark: Oh wow. OK now ladies and gentlemen at Mark Mercer's Loving Caring and Sharing, exclusively on North Star Radio, off of Susan Cowsill's Just Believe It CD "Palm of My Hand"

Song: Palm Of My Hand

Mark: "Palm of My Hand" off of Susan Cowsill's Just Believe It CD. Hey Susan, thanks so much to spending time with us this evening. This is just been so much fun for me. I can't tell ya.

Susan: I've had a blast, blast, blast.

Mark: I'm glad. I'm so please when people actually have a good time as opposed to, "I'm never doing that show again!".

Susan: Yeah, I wasn't expecting this and ya'll so sweet and you got a very loving base.

Mark: Thank you. That's very kind of you. I appreciate that. Now, Tim you ....

Steve: Now what would you expect with a show called Loving, Caring and Sharing?

Mark: Yeah a bunch of _____ (phonies???)

Susan: It could be like a bad Care Bears cartoon or ..

Daniel: You know Susan the whole idea was tongue in cheek to start with.

Mark: Yeah, it was a joke.

Susan: Really?

Mark: Yeah, what .... I don't know if you want to hear all this nonsense.

Susan: I do. I want to hear it.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got to explain to the listeners what Loving Caring Sharing means

Mark: OK fine. You guys put me on the spot again. (talks about how the show got its name)

Susan: You know what I like about the whole thing is I've been trying to get my act together enough to do something here in New Orleans which ... I just wanted to be the woman on the street. I met so many people just going up to a gas station, shortly after the storm and a couple years in being here, and people had so many stories. I thought it would be really cool out interviewing the city and ..

Mark: Really. That's a fascinating idea.

Susan: It is. And it's still doable.

Mark: Well sure. Something like Katrina

Susan: _______ take on it. I was going to get a flat-bed truck and put a couch and a lamp and a table on it.

Mark: Like a living room, cool.

Susan: It was going to be called Susan Cowsill's On The Couch and just drive up to random places and just ask people if they want to ... would be comfortable and free to come out and get interviewed. And bring them up to the back of my pick-up truck and sit down in a proper setting and see what is going on in their lives.

Daniel: I think that's cool. I think you should do it.

Susan: I want to. God I wish I could multiply myself 8,000 times. It's still a viable ... and I've seen a bunch of bogus, really stupid kind of versions of it in town. Like right now on public access, it's like "I'm interviewing NOLA." And I think it would be cool. I think it would be a cool idea, so I appreciate what you're saying. I understand the need to or the desire to...

Mark: I'm got to tell you something. I'm going to be straight with ya. This whole thing of me being on North Star and all the stuff I've done before that when I was just doing it on Skypcast, it's all about therapy for me. I got these voices running around in my head, that have been there my whole life and I finally found a way to get them out. And that's really what it's all about. And you know if I could falay a job in radio and actually get paid for getting the therapy, then I'm going to be the happiest camper you ever saw in your life. That's really what it's all about for me. And, in the mean time, I love talking with people. I've always enjoyed conversation and certainly there are certain people in this wonderful world we live in that have some ... have really contributed to myself. They have contributed to who I am. You, musically. Your family and how they have impacted as a kid growing up. The impressions that I got from that. And guys like Steve, Daniel, all these other people, Timothy Abbott, have all been people who continue to help me in my journey and for me that's such a blessing. So to be able to sit and talk with people hours upon end about our lives, and where we come from, and our passions ...

Susan: I think it's awesome and the more I see other people doing it, the safer I think we all would feel.

Mark: Exactly. Isn't that really what it's all about?

Susan: Absolutely - yeah - that's why we have best friends.

Daniel: My thing is technology these day because, you know, I produce a show for an American and I'm 5,000 miles away.

Mark: Yeah think about that. Daniel brought the idea up to me and I was "Are you kidding me?" and he said, "Mark, I'm serious about it mate. We got to do this. You got to get on North Star." OK great. You talked me into it. I'll do it. I don't care where this leads, I'm going along for the ride. And then I dragged Steve into it about a month and a half ago. I said, "Steve ..." I was interviewing him ...

Daniel: And does it not work?

Mark: Oh absolutely

Susan: Oh it totally works. I have not had more fun doing an interview in the last 5 years.

Mark: Ahhhhh

Daniel: Well there you go. We're a sort of laid-back bunch who don't care. If something goes wrong, who cares.

Susan: Who cares. And you also seem to be a few guys who actually do care.

Daniel: Uh huh. We actually do care.

Susan: I've been on the other side of that fence and that's not much fun. It's what we do, but, you know, when you get people together who actually give a crap ...

Daniel: I just wish me, Mark and Steve could get paid for it, but we don't.

Mark: Not yet, but you watch.

Susan: If you find out how to get paid, will you call me?

Mark: Absolutely. But not just call you ...

Susan: I would like to get paid too.

Daniel: By the way, thank you Susan for giving this interview free.

Mark: Daniel was all over me with the emails. He was like, "Mark they do understand that this is not a paid gig, right?" I'm like, "Yeah, I think so. I mean I conveyed to Russ that this is an interview and he didn't mention anything about money."

Timothy: I think any time an artist can talk about their music and the stuff behind it, wow what a great opportunity. A lot of times we don't get that.

Mark: Yeah thank you Tim. That's exactly right.

Steve: And this venue is unique because we allow you to come on and talk to us for hours

Daniel: It's unique because it's free Steven

Steve: Thank you mother

Susan: Steven hold on. Stop. Hold on. Stop. Stop.

Mark: The thing I really like about it is, is that it gives my guest the opportunity to come back any time they want. Like right now Rodney is texting me now, "You pay people?" No we don't pay anybody. He's texting me "You pay people? You made me...I came on that show and you didn't pay me."

Susan: Did you tell him up front?

Daniel: Yeah where's my royalty check.

Mark: I love the idea. What I want to do down the road is, and not too long now Susan, is have an all-star night where I'll have on some of my guests who have been on before, come back. And we'll just shoot the breeze. Like on a Saturday night. We'll do a Saturday night show.

Susan: How about if I bring my sister-in-law back with me in a little bit with our Psycho project?

Mark: Oh that'd be awesome. I would love that. Are you kidding? How about that? You guys think that's an OK idea?

Everyone: We do Absolutely

Susan: Yeah, that's Vicki Peterson from The Bangles.

Timothy: That would be too sweet. It would be lovely.

Daniel: That's old school from my station. I'm all for it.

Tim: So you're working with Jon D. Graham out of Austin?

Susan: Oh my gosh. You know who Jon D is.

Tim: He's very good friends of a friend of mine, Jessie Sublet.

Susan: Yeah we have a band. Me, Jon D and a guy named Freddy Johnston. Do you know who he is?

Tim: I know who he is but I don't really know him.

Susan: OK That's cool. He's a pop songwriter out of New York and has been around since the 80's. And you know who J.D. is and yeah we co-wrote - the three of us - a beautiful record. I know. It's called The Hobart Brothers and Lil Sis Hobart.

Mark: We're never going to get away from this Hobart thing.

Susan: Oh **** Oh sorry Are we on?

Steve: Oh yes we are

Susan: Uh oh ...

Tim: ___ and you are going to be playing with the Hobarts at SxSW? Where at?

Susan: Yes Everywhere There's not one place we're not going to be playing.

Mark: Timothy, you're going to have to be my representative of Loving Caring Sharing down there for an interview.

Timothy: Well I'm going to sort of be all over the place myself. Kind of ....

Mark: I know. You're a busy guy. It's a mad house, you know.

Timothy: We probably know a lot of the same people. I bet you know Margaret Mosier.

Susan: Yes, man

Timothy: Everyone knows Margaret. We go way back.

Susan: Margaret is very sweet champion of mine. She's does me right every time I come into town. I think she was in love with Barry or John or whatever.

Daniel: Can I just interrupt this broadcast just to say that Connie Tetford has rescued another St. Bernerd.

Mark: Let's hear it for Connie! That's our girl!

Daniel: Her name is Bella and she's one year old. In California

Mark: That's fantastic. She does some great stuff, I'm telling ya.

Daniel: Isn't she cool?

Mark: Yes she is. She's the gal I was telling you about that we interviewed about 5 weeks ago and she runs Greater Southwest St. Bernard and has built a home that is basically for dogs and she lives there it. It's like a hotel really. (more talk about this project) Well you know I want to get to another song, Susan. I was thinkin ....

Susan: Oh my God I thought we were just shootin' it. I didn't realize we were ....

Mark: Not that fast. Tell us about "You and Me Baby"

Susan: OK Yay!! "You And Me Baby"

Daniel: Thank you Thank you Somebody took notice of me

Susan: Oh Daniel. You're traveling tonight on a plane darling OK "You and Me Baby" was written one year after Katrina when I was at a friend's house in the neighborhood we used to live in that got 12 feet of water. It was a year later, the day after Mardi Gras and we had gone over to their house that they had rebuilt for a crawfish boil. And I hadn't been back to the neighborhood since and I was out on the back porch at their new house and actually, my bad, it was two years after Katrina. And I had found it hard to go back into the old neighborhood. And as I was sitting on the back porch of their house, and I could finally smell springtime in the air again. Yeah, because there was a really horrible stench in the city. And that's where my daughter and I spent our first 3-4 years, 5 years together. My husband, he was in a band with Hootie and The Blowfish. My husband at the time, Peter Holsapple, one of my best friends EVER. But he was on the road most of the time and so Marinda and I spent a lot of time ...

Daniel: I've heard of Hootie and The Blowfish

Susan: Well there you have it

Mark: Good for you Daniel

Daniel: Don't be like that Mark

Mark: Go ahead I'm sorry

Susan: So "You and Me Baby" is about the early years with my daughter in Lakeview, Louisiana and how I was able to reach the feelings and the memories and give her something to take away with her when I go. That's it.

Mark: Oh OK and this is off of Just Believe It

Susan: No Lighthouse

Steve: Lighthouse

Mark: Oh I'm sorry. This is off Lighthouse and

Susan: I wanted to give her something to remember

Mark: Very good. Daniel, do you have it queued up and ready to go?

Daniel: Of course

Mark: OK ladies and gentlemen off of Lighthouse "You and Me Baby"

Song: You and Me Baby

Mark: Ok that's off Susan Cowsill's albumin Lighthouse "You and Me Baby" Susan, thanks again for joining us tonight. This is just such a pleasure for me. I can't tell ya. This is a hoot.

Susan: I'm thrilled. I had fun, yeah, I am.

Mark: I'm glad. By the way, joining us now of Mark Mercer's Loving Caring Sharing it is Connie Tifford of Greater Southwest St. Bernard Rescue (this continues with this talk)

Russ: _____ a $5 crush

Susan: Uh on my husband just came down before he goes to work because he _____ back. He just looked at his clock and said, "That's not a $5 crush." I got a 15 going on here darlin' We found a really good place to put the money (Russ talking in background but I can't understand) He came back and is leaving again. That's how long we have been doing this guys. (To Russ) What's up, cutie pie?

Mark: Tell him to join in if he wants. Oh you only have one headset, don't you?

Susan: He's back out. He's going to work.

Mark: Here and gone. I'm looking through the CD and wondering what song we should play next. What do you think would be appropriate? Do you have anything in mind?

Susan: From Lighthouse?

Mark: You were talking about "NOLA" earlier.

Susan: Oh "NOLA" is good, but it's kind of sad. Do we want to bum everybody out?

Mark: Look sometimes you have to bum people out. That's all there is to it.

Susan: That's "NOLA"

Mark: OK Well Daniel could you possibly queue up "NOLA" and we'll get to that shortly? Thanks mate.

Susan: It's actually beautiful, an ode. It's not, I mean it's only - it's sad and hopeful I'd say.

Mark: Well tell us about it. Give us a little idea what was going on when you wrote this.

Susan: It's my Dear John letter to New Orleans when Russ and I thought we couldn't stay here anymore.

Mark: Is that right? And who's singing on this? Well you're singing on it obviously.

Susan: I'm singing on it with me singing on it.

Mark: OK you got Russ on the drums.

Connie: Did you write the lyrics then Susan?

Susan: I wrote everything. Lyrics and music

Mark: Everything

Connie: Oh wow good for you

Susan: Russ and I write all the .... except we usually ... oh "Galveston" is my only cover. I usually do one cover on my records. Other than that....

Mark: Oh yeah? I was listening to that earlier. I was really impressed. What made you do "Galveston", just ...

Susan: I'm a really big Jimmy Webb fan and "Galveston" and hurricanes seem to go together.

Mark: OK well off of Susan Cowsill's 2010 CD Lighthouse "Oh NOLA"

Song: NOLA

Mark: That's "NOLA" off of Susan Cowsill's CD Lighthouse Thank you Susan so much for being with us tonight. I really appreciate it.

Susan: Thank you Mark. I've had a really wonderful time.

Mark: Listen, we're going to get you back on here again too.

Susan: OK Let's do this $5 drive.

Mark: Absolutely I'm not kidding. I really want to see this come together.

Susan: I'm not either

Mark: Definitely. Now listen where can people get a hold of your CD's? That's one thing I've been missing tonight.

Susan: Alright. or It's a PayPal situation. I highly encourage you all to come and buy my records. And I think that's kind of it.

Mark: And what if they want to get a hold of the old stuff?

Susan: The Cowsills stuff? Oh wow I think you'd have to call my brothers to find that out. It's all over. If you go on eBay ....

Mark: You still get royalties for that stuff, right?

Susan: We never got royalities for it, but we're working on that right now.

Mark: Oh you got to be kidding me. You got to be kidding me

Susan: I wish I was. But here's what. When it was all going on, I had two bikes, a swimming pool, a trampoline and a tennis court.

Mark: Two bikes!!

Susan: Yep two

Mark: Well I don't feel so sorry for you now.

Susan: No, please don't. Don't feel sorry for me ever. And you know what? If the universe so deems it, my brothers will get their fair due.

Mark: Well I'm just thrilled to death that you joined us tonight, I got to tell you. And I want to thank you again and

Susan: Thank you

Mark: And also I want to thank every one else who joined us here. Of course we have the Professor of Doo Wop next Friday night. We'll be doing Tommy Jay's Doo Wop Pop. Tommy are you all set? Are you ready for next Friday?

Tommy: Absolutely. Susan I have to admit something tonight. Even though I didn't have a crush on you growing up because I'm the oldest of the Fab Five here ...

Susan: Are you telling me I have 20 bucks now?

Tommy: I'm 65 but I did have a crush on Phyllis Diller so there you go (everyone laughs)

Mark: That is so wrong. Oh Tom, you're disturbing me.

Susan: She was actually pretty cute when she was young.

Timothy: I heard that when she was out of character, she was actually very attractive, very beautiful.

Mark: Yeah 500 plastic surgeries ago.

Tommy: Love you anyway Susan, dearly.

Mark: And also joining us tonight has been Timothy Abbott. Timothy thanks for calling in. I'm glad to have you here.

Timothy: Oh it was great. I loved listening to everything Susan was talking about. Just really a great show. One of your best, most definitely.

Mark: Well thank you. I can't take any credit. It's my team that puts it together. And speaking of my team, special thanks to the MOA, the Master Of Arms, Steve Deluge.

Steve: You're welcome my friend. Always glad to be here.

Timothy: I got to get going. Got to get to Natalie O's birthday party. But I'll try to catch one of your sets here in Austin, Susan.

Susan: OK cool. I'll be looking for you. Come up to tell me, remind me that we had that crazy night.

Timothy: You're on.

Mark: That's so cool. I love that. People hooking up on the show to just hang out. That's so cool. I love it.

Susan: Do we get to have a prayer?

Mark: Exactly. You beat me to the punch. Would you mind Steve? Would you mind saying a prayer?

Steve: Be glad to. Father, we thank you so much for friends. We've had a good time tonight with our friends. With Daniel and Mark and Susan and Tommy and Timothy and Don and all the others who have been listening in, so we thank you so much for that. We thank you for old friends, people that we have known a long time and we thank you for new friends, people that we just met. And we ask you to help us to be the very best friend. To those we know and to those who enter into our lives. Help us to reach out and touch their lives and touch their hearts in a way that will leave them better than when we found them. Thank you for Susan and all of the sunshine that she spreads, not just tonight, but every time she sings. Continue to use her to lift people's spirits and lift people's hearts. Thank you for Connie and what she does and how she inspires us all. And Father thank you for all that you do for us. Help us to keep our eyes on you. In Christ's name I pray Amen

Mark: Amen Thanks Steve

Susan: Amen Nice job Steve. You ought to do this for a living.

Mark: Well that's the goal. If I can make enough money, if I can pay off all my bills and get a decent house to live in and sponsor my favorite missionaries, I'll be a happy camper.

Final wrap up chatter

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